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Hi all. I have been offered a job as a teacher in Kuwait. I currently live in the USA and would like to know how long will the whole process of getting a work visa usually takes. I'm currently processing the fingerprints for the police report and waiting on my employer for the work permit and NOC.
Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks

Depends on your employer.

The standard "probation period" in this country is 100 days.  Which I find strange, as you can only get a tourist visit visa for 90 days upon entry.

Some employers won't begin the work permit process until that time is up, making you an illegal worker until the permit is issued.

If that is going to be your case, a note of caution; Kuwait only considers background checks good for 3 months, as opposed to most other country's six-month acceptance.

should be done by the start of the new year in September :) your employer should fill you in on the exact deets and requirements, problem is other teachers are probably prepping for their vacays so are not likely to be available on this forum atm.

Thank You very much :)

I'm still waiting on my work permit. Latest update I got from my employer in Kuwait is that my passport needs to be valid for more than two years from now so the work permit can be issued. Has anyone heard of this?
My work permit has been in process since May and I just heard this.
Any help or feedback would be appreciated!

That's a new one on me.

After reading your post I went to all of the websites I use to find out Kuwait visa regulations...and none of them mention a two-year validity period on a passport.  Not even the Kuwaiti embassy in the US says this.  Their website states 6-month validity.

Perhaps this "employer" is jerking you around.

My visa got rejected when im about to stamp it here at kuwait embassy in ph... my agency send it back to kuwait for correction and 4 months had pass, they told me its still for ammend at shoon in kuwait.. they told me there was a system upgrade so all visa's are on hold... anybody here knows when will shoon start to process visa's again?..

Thank you I just saw that you replied to my comment!
That's what I thought as well actually.... I will talk to them and check on this Information and website that you have provided me with!

Thanks again :)

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