How to find out about a Party?

Does anyone have an idea how to go to a party or how to find one cuz im bored as hell nd wanna have fun?

Hi Lola20,

Welcome to :)

It would be great if you can first of all introduce yourself so that members can know more about you.



Inbox me I'll update with those party happening in riyadh 👍👌

No party in Riyadh. only in home with friends with low sounds. m also searching for Swimming pool party if some have.

Please inform me if there is any party in Riyadh. **

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They're called "compounds."  You must know someone who knows someone who knows someone, no? 

network   =    net thru work    ;)

good luck

Hi Lola.

Would like to share some tips but would like to know who you are what's your nationality where you come from and where do you reside in ksa. My name is brian and would love to invite you.

Await your reply asap.


Hello Everyone,

Is there any Whatsapp group for expats engineers who are residing in Riyadh?

Is there any expats group to get update on social activities in Riyadh to expand social circle?

If yes then inbox me details.


Inbox me if youre about to throw any parties as well. if youre interested, Im an event organizer and DJ.

Lots of parties in Riyadh just need to make friends in compounds and for the guy woo  want to have  pool arty ... just get ur multi pal and got to Bahrain at every weekend  ..... for pool parties,

Hello if you need to attend any party let me know dance parties

Hello Dear,

If you want to go for dance class and parties inbox me
the dance party will be on every Wednesday night  under British compound

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Hello Guys,

I will appreciate your responses. My name is Abid and am living in Riyadh, me and my girl friend we both are new in Riyadh and looking for parties in a peaceful environment. Could anyone tell me about parties happening here in Riyadh since we are getting bored here.


What's up bro . It sounds like u party boy .
It's me jay . I just moved recently to Riyadh and am bored like hell . I would appreciate if u can holla at me if there is any thing going on in Riyadh .
Here is my digit homie


Cheers ! Jay

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What's up Anthony
How u been doing . It's me jay . I just moved recently to Riyadh and I would love to know about any events or party going on.
Holla back if u want me to write my digit

Peace bro .

Hi... Did you have any luck finding out???
I am looking to find a social network also...

Greeting my dear friend

I am Djiboutian.I am 31 and I was born on 14 April 1986.I am in a relationship.

I'm air cargo marketing manager and logistics supervisor
I'm working in KKIA :)

please let me know about any upcoming parties in Riyadh, im more than interested

im from india, healthcare IT expert in Riyadh, KSA looking forwardto meet some interesting people

Hi all
I'm khaled a local from Riyadh. I'm not fully an expat. But have studied abroad for 8 years. And have returned 6 years ago.

However my head was stuck in my startup. And would love to create a nice social circle of like minded people like yourselves.

Public Events
Private Parties
Music production



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I'd also be interested to any new and different events in Riyadh! It is quite boring

I'm Abdul and I'm local
There are so many parties out there . Im getting nearly 1 every 2 weeks  . half of them are mixed parties. some of them offer alcohol. And some are the normal style parties (Music,food,pools,hokkah,,etc) or you could go for very enjoyable picnic in the desert with 5+ friends(In winter) for 1-2 days . bbq and fun in the morning and super magnificent night under the stars .

if you are interested hit me in the DM

You just need to have the right friends

Don't believe any one speaking about parties in riyadh especially mixed. be careful

The "safe" parties in Riyadh are only ever held in compounds (mostly big western compounds) or in Diplomatic quarter (hosted by embassies).  Yes they are mixed and most times, there is alcohol.

You would need to know someone who can invite you to those.  You cannot just walk-in and they are not advertised openly :)

hi there,
please can you send me details on ***

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Read carefully. I said you are invited if you know people in those compounds or embassies.  Not sure what details you are asking for.

Uhhhh this thread is "rockin'"!

No invites around Jubail?  :D

Hey everyone. Just arrived Riyadh and looking for friends. Too bored. I work for embassy at DQ. Any upcoming social events?

Usually the US Embassy has events almost every other weekend in the DQ.  Check those out.

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