Changing sponsor

Hi! I'm from the Philippines and working as a Nurse here in Oman right now for 7 months. I'm planning to look for a new sponsor for job because I am not happy with my current employer but I am worried if they will give NOC or no. Any advice or ideas how to change sponsorship and what about the consequences? Big Thanks!

Hi Annereter22,

Ever since the 2-year ban rule came into effect, all expatriate employees have been at a huge disadvantage. Changing jobs is no more an option. If one is unlucky with their current jobs the employee has to (sadly) grin and bear it.

The employer usually does not give an NOC. Those who are winding up their business might. Else, it would be few and far between.

The closest option would be for the unhappy employee to check out some other suitable jobs in the UAE, or some other GCC country. And try to find another job in Oman, after the completion of the mandatory 2 year waiting period.

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