Trying to find out if it's not a scam

I need help ASAP! I was offered a job at Bamenda University of Science and Technology. Before I go through with the process, just wondering if anyone here works or know someone who currently works there. Trying to find out if this is a scam or not. Thanks

What makes you suspicious?

Well,Job scams are a common thing now...u need to search the contact number of the Bamenda university in net or any source and verify that such a such offer is going on the university recruitment...that's the only sure the moment u r asked to deposit money for any process..thats a red signal to stop n close the matter...the offer letters nowadays,they try to make as real as b carefull n us ur logic...thnks

there is a website for bamenda university go there and you will have the info you need to help yourself

Send me the details by PM
Include name, addresses given, email address and telephone numbers given.

I'll see what I can dig up.

This topic has been coming on and on in this forum. it is not possible to know without verification if it is a scam or not so can you please enlighten us more about the offer, we need information you received from the human resource department and maybe contact details to permit us verify the authenticity of the offer.

best wishes

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