I Have applied on Wakajah Corporation, their site of project is in Kribi, Cameroon a Deep sea port, I applied online, need feedback on the real situation & the company really exist.                       I am Wilfrfedo, a Filipino. Thank you

Dear, Sir/ Madam, I am HVAC and Refrigeration Technician in Al wajba Palace at THE HH The Emir's Private Affairs Technical Affairs Department in Engineering Section.

People be careful, there are scammers purporting to be Wajakah Corporation, they are fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be warned


thanks for the info, well appreciated

is wajakah corporation a fake ? please give me details because i am applying and now on process i am just waiting for the visa and ticket they were sending on me..the place of work is in douala cameroon to make a deep sea port..a reply to all who know the real status please...ty

i am lonzaga jose emilio  applied as a welder and wajakah corp.was send me apliation fom.i short i am accepted as aplicant now i recieve document ,job offer/employment agrement/contract of employment/offer of employment /declaration and my medical examination form it allready done sign by me and the result of medical is passed..and i send money for proof of accomodation worth of 500$ ma'm Adilen Conradi  HR  Director Dept.did not responding what is my visa status.

                                                                                                                    Senserely yours
                                                                                                                   Jose Emilio Lonzaga

nov 19, 2013

dear mr emilio jose lonzaga,

will you please give me your email and your cp nr. ill call you sir if you are also applying for that position in that wajakah company? thank you.

everything in that company is fake !!!it is fake..they are professional swindler...illegal recruiter..they ruined the future of people who wished to have a good life in people dont believed in that wajakah corporation they are all fake!!!!!!!!
thanks god that i didn't pay that amount they are asking...


This is the website for Wajakah Contractors who are undertaking the Kribi port contract in Cameroon.

Contact them to find out if you have been scammed or if the application is genuine.

i also applied to this company.IS THIS SCAM or WHAT?


Hi ghieann,

It would be great if you could avoid posting with caps lock on the forum please so as to ease the reading.

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

Hi Hasana

                  Good day i also apply as tig welder it is true tha the WAJAKAH.CORP is fake   becouse i already send all the document that needed for my aplication and i send 500$ for proof of accummodaton so my visa will be release.and now  im waiting their email for my ststus.

im sorry i min Hasnaap


to hasnaa team,
              im sorry for now,can we hear some advice from your team on what is realy happening on our this purely scam...or something hiding whom you understand well.

Wajakah Corporation seems to be a scam.
As I stated in my previous email the correct company is Wajakah Contractors,

Dear all,

  the wajakah corp.or contractor is a big scam!!!!!  first they use a company name called njinetsam corp.and they scam a lot of filipino skilled worker because of their big offer,those who applied as a skilled worker and give a 500 bound for their accommodation and waiting for their visa to release there will be no visa to release because this 2 company that this people are using are big scam!!!! sorry to say this to my fellow filipino but this is the truth.


Have you checked out the wajakah contractors  website
Before you start condemning them get your facts straight. You need to have proof of this.

hey do you want to try?you are free to do want you think is right!
read what the people post on this blog! And I know because I am one of them who scam by this shit company!!!!

Emilio lonzaga i think u have lost  your money. I also apply but still i did not send any money. If its come true pls reply me. I m sure it not become true.

goodday.if you already received a rental form of the accommodation.the letter head does not indicate where the locations /address and tel.#.of the said apartment/ dont be foolish to send money as what they ask.

for info.the contractor of the kribi port project in cameroon is,CHINA HARBOUR ENGINEERING COMPANY,not Wajakah corp.

Good Day Guys..I also Applied on the Wajakah  site and I got a Reply From  Tchubali Corporation. .Is this site also a scam?

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