Funny job interview

You guys are gonna laugh when you hear this I think.

I put my resume on some ESL teaching website to get a job in the Middle East. The first call I got was from someone claiming to be a Doctor who works at a school with what I understood to be special needs children. He asked me ALL kinds of questions to test my suitability to the role. The first interview went on for 2 and half hours!

So I tried to find the school, but nope, nothing on google or wiki. He said the confidentiality of the kids is the most important thing and therefore they don't have any kind of online presence.

But here is where it starts to get weird. He asked me to send photos of me. All kinds... head to chin... head to shoulder... head to breast... head to waist and finally head to toe. But then he wanted to see inside my throat and asked me to poke out my tongue and take photos like that. *shakes head in shame*

Another red flag is that when we spoke on skype it was obvious that he must have had something covering his webcam... A piece of paper or something?!

I dont know guys, isn't this the weirdest thing you've heard of? He claims to be in Dammam... But I don't know, he could be anywhere in the world.

I must have some kind of magnet for attracting complete wackos lol. Why can't I just have a normal interview with a school there?? lol

Doesnt it seem creepy ? :D

ya its  seem creepy  , but from where u got the link fr this interview and what was the name of school...... in dammam area there are very few international schools which hair teacher from west. and they have their set standards and web pages.  this might be some freaky person who pretended to be doctor.

someone claiming to be a Doctor who

A doctor Who, or The doctor Who?

Still, it sounds about as weird and a ham, cornflakes and cream sandwich, so I'd be tempted not to send any photos, then block them.

how is living standard in dammam? is it good town to live?


Dammam is kinda' the pits, ime. 

Down the road, Khobar / Dhahran are both better.

Thanks very much so khobar is better to live.

I know right... There's more to the story, but I think I embarrassed myself enough for now lol.

Good luck next time

I apologize if he is Saudi

LOL! Stalker spotted  :dumbom:

Never heard this kinda story before  :D

God has given this ability to females ( ages 9 to 69) to sense as soon as a weird male makes a harassment attempt with in moments.

I am surprised why it took you 2 1/2 hours to realize that some thing was wrong. You must be a really dedicated ESL teacher. :sosad:

Lol I hope to say that.
I was really looking forward to working in the middle east.

In case anyone wants an update. I never heard from that creep again and I went back to Korea to teach lol.

Better luck next time.

it obviously was some one  who had nothing to do , was getting bored and traced you on skype , and thought in his empty space between his two ears , lets interview him / her . you would not come across any body more glactically weird any where else

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