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In my continued search for information regarding moving to Malta I am having difficulties finding leaflet CEA L7 on the site.
Does anyone know if these leaflets are available online. I know where all the form are.

Info will be much appreciated.

What does the leaflet give information about?


It's about residency, it's mentioned on the CEA form J.

I would not even bother about it, just fill in form J within 3 months and go and register.
The leaflet you are talking about probably does not apply any more and the whole system will probably have changed by the time you get here! (several times)


Hello Ray,
It's been a little while since you posted this question but I was in desperate search of leaflet CEA L7 as well a couple of weeks ago and managed to find it.
To be honest, I don't think this leaflet is on the web (yet?). The only way I was able to obtain it was by directly contacting the Maltese embassy via email (I'm currently residing in the UK). I got a response the next day and found it in the attachments.
Hope this helps!

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