Assistance need on Payroll-Outsource service in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hi there,

I'm currently working in Denmark in energy sector. My company seeks out to start a project in Turkey on biogas. As the project manager I will be moving to Istanbul, since we want to have our headquarter there.

I'm writing to know if anyone here can help me on the procedures and legal issues in establishing a company in Turkey. Plus, does anyone know a service provider that can support us on our HR, payroll, accounting etc. We'll be having 1 expat and 7 Turkish employees.

I would appreciate if you guys can share your experiences and knowledge with me.

Daniel Moddelmog

Hi Daniel, I know that the Big 4 accounting firms are operating in Turkey..

Starting a business in Turkey can be very tricky owing to the complicated paperwork plus the abundance of bureaucratic red tape involved. Inability of officials in speaking English can be another downside.

You can find detailed info on official, govt run Invest in Turkey website.

They have an English version and will give you ample information to get started. It will serve you best to visit the concerned departments with an associate who can speak Turkish.

Personally, I would  advise you to steer clear of any unknown solicitors/ individuals approaching you to offer friendly 'help'.

Good luck
And if you have any further  questions, please feel free to ask.


This website find me well, at least as a starter. Thank you for your help.

No problem
Good luck


Dear Daniel,

You may contact me*** with your detailed questions pertaining to your new establishment in turkey.

David Onur

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Hi Onur,

If you have any productive contribution to make, probably you can state it here so that any other users with same query can get benefit  of it. That is the purpose of open forums.

Thank you

Alansonur :


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HI Mr.Daniel
I am Civil Engineer and GIS Expert looking for a good opportunity in turkey if you need any help in GIS field i can help, if you need i can send you my CV, you can contact me on email:
Thanks and good luck

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