Motorbike Hire in Saigon

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can give me a definitive answer on this as am encountering a lot of ambiguity and confliction in comments from other sites... What is the deal with hiring and riding a scooter in Saigon as a tourist?

I am looking to stay here long term, find a job n get a work visa etc but in the meantime I would like to hire a bike to see more of the city while I am making the most of my 3month tourist Visa.

I have a full AM,1,2 Unrestricted License from the uk with over 10yrs riding experience.
also can anyone recommend a reputable rental company?

Many thanks in advance..

You can try this place below...they have a lot of Nouvo 3's which are quite new in the scheme of things and relatively cheap to hire or buy. They have a lot of bikes to choose from I think. You can even hire then buy the same scoot I think or various options.

You need to transfer your license to a Vietnamese one which costs about $80 I think. You can do it through the transport department in HCMC or through an agent if you cant be bothered doing it yourself. You need to make sure any insurance you have covers you for riding a bike and you were your helmet when you do. You also need to have zero blood alcohol for your insurance to be valid. I think Vietnam and the insurers now also accept international drivers license but you will need to confirm this.

If you are definitely going to stay here past 3 months I would recommend just buying a scoot straight away. Try to avoid buying a backpacker bike if you can as they have done a lot of hard miles. You dont need to pay more than 8,000,000 to 9,000,000 for say a good Nouvo 3 which will be a good bike and you can resell pretty easily when you leave.

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