Reasonable Offer for young family of 2?

Hi, guys!

Me and my wife have been offered a positions of personal fitness trainers in Doha, Qatar.

We have no idea how much money will be enough for a good start, and we would like to share the offer with you, just to give some advices.

Basic salary: 1800QR
Stipend for a car: 1600QR
Commision: 50QR per personal training session(expected ammount of 80-100 per month), if achieved 80 and more - 70QR per session
Accomodation: Single bed appartment, pet friendly
Qatar Health Card
One-way ticket provided
In the end of contract - two way ticket provided.

This is roughly 4000-7000QR + 1800QR cash per person with car and appartment ensured.

We do not want to make savings in the beggining, just to live well and to enjoy the life in Qatar.

Is this reasonable and if not, what ammount is?

Thank you so much!

Hi MartinZhelyazkov,

I invite you to have a look at the other topics here : … qatar.html

You might find some interesting information that will help you to know if the package being offered to you and your wife is a reasonable one or not.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

1800 each is not a very good salary, i am a

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