Cost of living with family-potential offer from Qatar Petroleum

I have a potential offer form Qatar Petroleum. I will be making a visit next week for 3-4 days to finalize the offer details. However, I was curious about life for a western expat from Houston, US with a family of 4, wife and 2 kids. Which is the best American school and is there a long waiting list?
What about housing cost in a nice area with Asians and Western expats?


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Only one American school in Doha - so your choice is a bit limited!!! Most schools in Doha teach a British curriculum.

Cost of housing will depend on the size and location - but for a 3 bed unfurnished a.t.m. you will be looking at paying at least 13K/mth or more in most parts of the city, although there are some bigger places around Old Airport that are cheaper. There is a real mix in Qatar w.r.t. nationalities, so most compounds will have Westerners, Asians and Arabs (or anyone else). If you have a stand alone place or are in an apartment etc then the same would apply depending on the area.

Thanks, I will be visiting the company this weekend for 3-4 days. Do you have any recommendation to visit  areas for housing In a nice and clean neighborhood, and not very far from the QP company?

Do you know the location of the office? Qatar is generally quite clean and neat in all areas, there is no 'better' area with that respect - so really you can live any any area. Generally it is the travel time/construction that you have to consider and the distance to school. School hours vary but most schools start at 7am although there are a few that start closer to 8, so you want somewhere not too far away. I would suggest you look at Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour, Al Waab, Al Luqta as they are not too far from American School.

My office is near the West Bay Area, TransWorld tower.  I am in Doha now for another day and half. Would like to speak or get idea about schools for my kids, grade 3 as per US curriculum. I have heard about DESS and Compass International schools. Please share about plausible place to look for villa midway or closer to school.

not many schools teach American curriculum - from what I hear around the place I would steer well clear of Compass - DESS is apparently quite good, several of the kids from our compound attend there and parents are very happy. Other schools to try (but which teach British curriculum) are Park House, Doha College, Sherborne. I don't personally have a problem with my kids at Newton Lagoon (Yr1&4) but others have had issues.

Between West Bay and American School are the areas I mentioned before - Al Rayyan, Al Luqta, Al Saad (nr hospital city) and across into Abu Hamour - you may find Al Waab (out near Villagio Mall) is too far away. Some areas of Abu Hamour will be close to school, but further for you. These areas would also be suitable for Park House & Doha College - but you would be better looking further north if you go with Sherborne or Newton Lagoon, in the areas near Landmark Mall.

I recieved a Good offer from Qatar Petroleum for their Port project, but could not able to join because of Kids education. Is it difficult to get admission in Indian school CBSE medium.
I hope for a normal living standard of 4 (2 kids going to school) 15000 QR is enough, what is the Cost of rent for 2 BHK?
Really feeling I should have taken that Oppurtunity, after settling there should have tried for getting kids admission to school.
Anyway Past is Past........... :)

did you start work yet

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