set up Tourist Transport business

Dear all ,
My name is Hazan and I would like to set up tourist transport service business in Morocco ( Marrakech City ) . So before I start this venture , I would be grateful is somebody knows about legal requirements , licences , vehicles and insurance .

your help is highly appreciated .


Dear Hazan,
Trust you well.
Could you please explain more your concept of tourist transport in Marrakech with budget. In that I can Devlope with you the project In private.

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You need to a create a company and apply for a licence. With new regulations in place, a licence would be very expensive. You need to own a fleet of vehicles that can accommodate 48 passengers. So, either buy a 48 seats bus, or 2 minibuses, or 7 cars that seats 7 passengers, etc. The application for the licence goes through the department of transport and the department of tourism. And it does take time in a system like the Moroccan one. And you have to be very cautious and alert at all times during the process and after, because in Morocco, the big fish survives by eating the small fish.

Not sure whom Iam replying to ? Hipa or Hazan ?


But keen to talk further !

Hi Ross,

Ask a question so ! :)


I don't have any questions as such wanted to stay connected ! Are you looking to live in Marrakch ? Do you have family or business or want to go bank? Thought you were in Ireland ?


I actually live between Ireland and Marrakech now but thinking to set up some type of business in Marrakech. But obviously, I still can't find that right idea for a business in a context like Marrakech, especially when the budget is low.  What about you? What attracts you to Morocco?

I have been coming and going over 10 yrs my daughter half morocsn and Indian. I originate from india

Iam looking fir a business idea too something that pays the bills gives me some pocket money to spend and food !

I need to find something in next 5 years to set up that gives me an income do I can move there


Hahaha. So we're in the same situation more or less. Where is the business idea that will work? 😁😁

Hi saw your intrested in business in Marrakch what kind of business ?

Are you already living in Marrakch ? Or Middle East still?

I'm also looking at some business venture too still exploring


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