Residence Permit Renewal


Can anyone please provide me with an accurate list of the required documents to renew a residence permit in Marrakesh? I am finding differing answers and want to be prepared when the time comes.

Thank you

I suggest you go to your local prefecture of police.

These regulations are subject to change without notice and depenging on the area and amountof applicants to that area. Also, a significant amount of bureaucratic interpretation to those regulations can occur.

At the prefecture of police there will be an officer incharge of estrange affaires and in that office will be a current list availabe with all the specific  criteria for residence renewal based on whatever is the classification of your case iis n that area. There are many classificaions. Basically it is about the same information as applying for the first time, but it maybe somewhat differennt than when you did it the fist time. But, the criteria for that application may not be exactly the same for people in Agadir or Casablanca or Tanger as it maybe  for those in Marrakech or Fez or Ouazazate. The only safe way to assure that you have current and correct information is to go there and look at it.

I just got mine renewed in Benslimane on April 8th,2016.  I needed a copy of entry into the country from my passport, a copy of the photo page of my passport, a form from the doctor stating that I am in good health( got mine at the hospital in Benslimane, if married you will need a copy of your spouses Moroccan ID, a copy of your Moroccan Resident ID, 6 photos for your new Moroccan Resident ID, a Criminal Background check for Morocco (I got mine done in Rabat, make sure you bring a copy of your photo page in your passport) and your outdated Moroccan Resdident ID Card.  Make sure you get all of the copies stamped stating that they are a true copy of the orignals.  Good luck.

I'm so happy I got my residence card for 10 years.

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