who know about Italian international school in jeddah

hi, really i need to know about italian school... and about dar jana, if is good or is the class...

Mixed review from neighbors on the Italian School....sorry can't be more helpful than that..

Dar Jana my daughter attended preschool in Rawda district. Liked everything, but the fact my husband couldn't enter the school and her particular Arabic teacher who said she''d learn inshallah and failed her as a 5 year old knowing we spoke no Arabic at home..was being taught like she was a native Arabic speaker.

At grade 1 kids are separated by gender within the classrooms. They follow American Curriculum.  As for Admin in the upper grades I have heard okay things about the boys branch and not very good things about girls branch admin.

It all depends on what you are looking for in a school.

thank you

I know an Italian lady and her kids go there, her feedback was unless one is not Italian,  they shouldn't put their children in this school.

thank you hamudi

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hi, how much is it for one academic year in Dar al Jena  pliz ? and what languages they studies ?

I search international school, first arabic second english third french
if you can help me
many thanks

I don't know this past years tuition costs for Dar Jana. It is on their website though. (if I remember right - if all else fails google Dar Jana International School +Jeddah).... There is also a French Lycee in Jeddah which probably has its tuition rates online as well.

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