Tamanu Oil

I'm searching for this health and beauty oil called tamanu. Supposedly it grows out here in South East Asia but i'm yet to come across it. Since i'll be arriving in Pattaya soon I was wondering if anyone knows of any essential oil shops I can try?

Not sure about shop selling tamamu oil but you can find some online ( just google it ).

Regarding essentials oils, you should find some in supermarket, pharmacy, or in spa wellness ( selling their brand product ), just ask them

Did you ever find Tamau Oil? I was looking for the exact same thing when I was traveling through Asia this winter. Could not find it any where. They do I have a different name for it, which I have forgotten. I had puchased it on Amazon but was hoping to find it here. Will be interested in hearing if you had any luck.

I didn't.  :( . But I am thinking to just try Siam Botanicals on my next visit to Bangkok. They have some tamanu oil mixed with vitamin e. I can't order online from Amazon as they don't deliver to my part of the world.

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