Organic, pesticides free food in Pattaya

I am planning to relocate from Chiang Mai to Pattaya/Rayong area soon due to golf training. My sons are tournament golfers and I cook mostly organic and fresh food for them. Chiang Mai has Royal Project stores and many others stores and markets where I can find good quality vegetables, meats and foods (Rimping etc). Can you recommend where to shop in Pattaya/Rayong area for good quality products (NOT Tesco!).
Thanks, Alice

There was a great guy who was a wholesaler on Soi Siam Country Club. He gets is stuff from the royal Project up Chaing Mai way. But becuase of the road works they stuffed his business. He has relocated to Pattaya Tai somewhere. I can't be bothered battling the traffic to try & find him. If I do decide I will go on my motorbike. But it is a hassle now with the bloody BIB everywhere & they hassle motorbikes. Pain in the arse.

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