Bringing the pet dogs to the Philippines?

Has anyone flown their dog /dogs in to the Philippines?

If so what was all the required papers and forms?

Do you have to have special permission before arriving or is it the same as an individual? 

Also how long is quarentine?

Cost is also a concern

By searching on Google I found this: … pines.html

Might give you a few ideas.

If that was a link to some govt site forget it.... I live here and all of us that live here know not to rely on govt anythings... I  asked only for those who have already flown their pets here... That is the only way to know is by others experience. Thanks but no thanks

You asked what all the required papers were. That site gives them. Its a starting point. OR you could contact the department concerned and arrange something. LOL.

Please contact me ** and I will give you another persons email address who brought all his dogs in from the USA.

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we have a dog we brought to Canada  from  Iloilo . We plan on moving there to stay , and of course our pet will come with us , What do we need to do ?

I bought 3 dogs and 2 cats into the philippines in 2005.
i thought i had everything sorted as i obtained the paperwork from the government dept dealing with animal imports.
i also had a animal shipper in the country of departure deal with paperwork and loading on the flight.
i tried to claim my animals from the cargo but was told to go to animal welfare and customs.
The animal welfare was not a problem but the customs had me running around for 4 hours going to different departments for signatures and payments.The last person i saw was to tell me the duty to be paid on the animals.
i was told 26k. I asked why so much as all the animals were street dogs and cats and not pedigree animals.
i was told they based it on the freight charges.
Why everything has to be so difficult is beyond comprehension.
Also after a 12 hour flight it was the last thing i wanted to do.
Good luck with your import.

did they quarantine your pets ? we have 2 cats and a dog to bring .

As long as they are rabies vaccinated and wormed(but check now).
Your pets can go home with you.

Recently I brought my Shih-tzu from LA to Cebu on Philippine Airlines.  She was put on special pet cargo area (temperture controlled).  At the
LA Airport I was charged $300.  The charge is based on the weight and
size of your dog and cage.  You must have two documents in order:  (1)
all your updated (within 10 days of travel) vaccination record from your
vet, (2) import permit from Intercommerce Network Service from the
Philippine (available through on-line) government.  My dog was not
quarentined at Cebu, but was told not to let her outside of my home for
30 days (sort of in-house qurantine).  They did not charge me any import
fee.  So follow my instruction and you should have no problem bringing
your pet to the Philippines.

Thanks Jeff.

thanks , good to know ,

thanks! it's very useful information!

Hello Jeff: I'm researching shipping my 3 cats to the Philippines when I move soon. Could you please tell me if the $300.00 you paid in LA was the omly cost, or were there additional charges once you arrived in the Philippines? Thank you.

Please be sure you get the documentation from the authorities here before you arrive.
you will pay a small fee to them on arrival.
The biggest bug bear for me in 2011 were the running around from one part of the airport to another trying to get signatures and payments.
The final visit was to customs who asked a stupid amount of revenue as they based it on the cost of shipping. (In my case 3 dogs and 2 cats)
First they wanted 23k duty but after some debate got it down to 17k.
Never again.

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