Cats and Dogs in the Philippines

I have six kittens for anyone who wants one. They are excellent hunters and keep rats, mice and snakes away and out of the house. I find them to be necessary to keep rats away. I had rats for the first 2  years I was here. Ever since I got my first cat, I haven't had another rat, and find dead mice, geckos, snakes and even big cock roaches....They all use the kitty litter and even use it instead of going outside......easy to maintain, they eat Princess cat food, fish, rice them....I let them go in my attic from time to time to hunt up there too. They love it....They go into every room and alert me whenever there is any kind of bugs, mice, rats, or other intruders in the house........Cats are essential to any house to keep it free of vermin, disease and any kind of my babies.......

Hi rpmiller,

Please feel free to post an ad in the Philippines classifieds > Pets section. It might help you.


Priscilla :)

I have 6 cats. I avoided keeping cats before. I was under the impression that they just did their business everywhere. When I adopted a stray cat, I was leery of bringing it home. But my assistant told me that if I put a litter box with sand in the house, the cat will find it and relieve itself there, which is exactly what happened. Since then, I liked cats.

They're great at keeping rats, snakes, lizards, spiders, etc. away. They're not just practical pets; they're also very entertaining to watch while they're "on duty." At one time, I saw my cat leap several feet in the air to catch a very small wasp, and caught it. Another one camouflaged himself on a small tree, leaped for a bird and caught it, and still managed to land on his feet.

Some cats can be very affectionate, going up your shoulder and snuggling up. Some can be conversational.

It would be best to have them spayed / neutered, so they won't go missing for days if a neighboring cat is in heat and also reducing the incidence of spraying to mark territory.

The only thing I don't like about cats is they can scratch furniture, especially if you don't have a scratching post or mat that is to their liking. Still, you might put all kinds of scratching posts all over your house, and her favorite thing to scratch is your sofa.

Thanks for the advice, heads up P.......appreciate it! Take care........


You said it! You really have a good handle on cats, and I think every Filipino should take note of your post, advice.......put kitty litter box in your house, and the cats will always use it...Spay and or Neuter them, as that is the responsible thing to do, unless you want a litter every few months......Having cats around the house is a joy, and they are so useful as we had rats for months, even a year or so, before I adopted my first stray cat......ever since that very night I haven't had any mice, rats, snakes or other pests infiltrating our house.....they are clean, and affectionate and a lot of fun to watch and enjoy as they play and do their thing around the property.......I put mine in the attic from time to time, as they like to go up there and clear out any unwanted bird's nests and other unwanted animals, lizards, whatever...they are skilled and masterful hunters and love to hunt....I have 6 kittens, 7 cats...I want to keep them all, but I really need to share the load, and I know they will get more love and attention from a family......You like rats or cats? Get some kitty litter and put it in a round plastic tube, and get a scooper and you are in business. They are clean, amazing pets, and a joy to watch them do their thing......Thanks for the post FilAmericanMom..............Smart lady!

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