Cats in philippines

Hello, im living in clark - angeles
Really feel like need a pet!!
Someone know where i can actually get or "buy" a cat ? Preffer grey cute one 😍
Thanks for help

Don't they have Pet Stores in the Philippines nowadays?   When I was growing up in the Philippines pet stores were unknown.  Not sure if they have them now.   If we wanted a pet, we simply let it be known in the neighborhood that we're looking for one...and soon someone will come with a cat or puppy to give away.   Try putting up some signs.....Wanted...a cat (or kitten), prefer grey and cute.   Might help to write it in both English and Tagalog....or kapangpangan...the dialect spoken in your region.
Or just get the word out in your neighborhood.   And you don't need to pay for it....folks will be happy to give them away.   Good luck.

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