Possible relocation to Las Terrenas from USA...

I'm from the USA looking to relocate to Las Terrenas. I would be interested in connecting with any expats living in Las Terrenas. I'm interested in finding out more about what it is like to live there, prices, lifestyle, etc.

First off welcome to the forum.  There is lot of information here in multiple threads.  You need to read, read and read some more as lots to learn.

Have you ever been here before?  What is your motivation to relocate???

Again welcome

Bob K


I'm 45 and tired of the rat race.

I have a perpetuity that will pay out $1755 a month, and adjust for cost of living.

I could retire in another 20 years, but why when I can live well on that payment?

I have never been there, but I'm doing a ton of reading and considering many locations, but this spot in the DR seems to be the best fit so far.

Depending on what your lifestyle is that may be enough or maybe not.  Before you do anything, other than reading and asking questions you need to come here and visit for a month or two to make sure the DR "fits" you.

Bob K

I agree with what Bob says. I retired here in July 2014 on a modest income, and it was the best choice of my life. I love it here, and admittedly got extremely lucky. You can connect with me on Facebook on our page "Dan and Manty's Guesthouse-Las Terrenas", and I'll be glad to share any info with you.

Hi Dan!
I came across your Facebook page recently, and have now added it to my pages!
Looks like you and Manty are living life to the fullest!
My husband and i live in Northern Ontario - and are dreaming of life on the beach.
I might hit you up some time for some info or advice :)

We helped a couple from north of Toronto move here last month. They love it. We can video chat with a bit of advance notice.

Really eh!! That's awesome!
We are NORTH of Toronto.. About 8 hour drive.
Life can be challlenging here. Im tired of this challenge. Ready for something new!

Well, hitch up the dogs to the sled and come on down to paradise. :)

Hi. My husband and I were there in July.
We have been to DR several times and have the opportunity to move there. Have already looked at property in hills above LT. Tony, an agent took us to see several places. Hoping to  buy property by Dec. Plan on going back and forth  between Texas and LT till home there has work.done. Now, I'm a.little concerned. I have been reading a lot about the workers there taking a lot of short cuts on building. It's suggested that you really supervise to make sure done correctly.
So...does anyone have a construction company that is reliable? Talking about lots of painting, changing light fixtures, possible closing up a stair case....ect
Also need someone to really check out the place first. Total inspection of electric, plumbing, foundation. Also walls have some water damage.was told when plumming put in was some issues due to fact that they use different material there then in the states. But I need to make sure it's all fixed and no permanent damage done. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I am afraid to say that most of what you want you will need to do yourself.  There are no real appraisal companies and I know even with one of the most reputable builders here on the north coast I still had to watch what was going on and caught many things being done wrong.  We also supervised the building of several of our clients villas and again it was good that we did.

Bob K

Depending on your timeline, my husband might be able to do a thorough inspection.  He has been told by many that a knowledgeable home inspector would be a great commodity in DR. We have a house in was in need of work and he has been doing the work himself and has learned first hand that even those who claim to know what they are doing - don't.  We have been approached by a couple of people to do inspections...he's considering doing that as a side job when we retire down there.  The problem is that we aren't down there much right now.  But he may be doing a trip in October for some work on our house...and he might be available then...especially if he flies into el catey...

We do property management here in the states on the side and he's a certified home inspector who has built homes in Germany and the he's well versed in varying types of building codes, etc.  Not sure when you would be thinking of buying, but don't until someone qualified has looked at the property.  PM me if you'd like to discuss this further.

Thank you for responding.
We should know by the end of Sept about sale of our company.  Oct would be great if he is interested in doing an inspection. We have found the house we want but I have a few concerns about it. Can you give me a rough estimate on price of inspection?  Leisha

I will have to talk to my other half...about price.  And timing is unsure...we are also awaiting a I guess it's all up to the banks! :o   I'll private message you when we are getting closer to a date range...

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