Hello Expat people :)

Hello everybody!

I´m not an expat. I´m actually born and raised in Santo Domingo. I run a private school in SD that is in fact my family business. I joined the Expat page because I´m interested in meeting new people and practice my English conversation skills, I thought it was a fun way to perfect my second language.

I´ve lived in Spain for two separate periods of my life. Love Europe!!! The last time I lived in Spain was in Madrid, doing a masters in International Cooperation, where I discovered my passion for the NGOs circuit. Aside from being a principal I like to volunteer in several NGOs in the country, I would love to one day just work in a NGOs.

I like to meet new people from different parts of the world, but the daily routine sometimes doesn't give much time to do that!

Hope to meet new people! So if anyone wants Spanish classes let me know :)

Hey I am from the UK been in SD for almost two years now, travelled around the world for a few years and ended up settling here.

My Spanish is terrible! So would love to start improving it. PM me if you want.


Welcome to the group!  This is a great way to practice your English!  I live in both SD and Puerto Plata!

I am sure you will find many willing to meet and chat!

Thanks guy for the response!

Chris looking foward to chatting with you!

Planner I love Puerto Plata! Im actually going diving to Cabarete for my birthday in a couple of weeks!

Hope you guys have a great day :)

Bienvenida Gabriela. Espero que disfrutes tu Cumple en Cabarete, yo estaré por allá durante el més de Mayo. Me gustaria quedarme mas tiempo en el país, pero lo del sueldo que ofrecen es lo que me lo impide, estoy tratando de buscar un trabajo que me deje trabajar por internet, eso haria las cosas mas simples, pero ya veremos como resulta todo. Ahorita soy masajista deportivo en Nueva York :-) bueno el placer ha sido todo mio, bienvenida al grupo.


Hola Antonio!

La verdad que sí el tema salarial en la RD es un poco complicado. Cuando vayas en mayo puedes investigar el tema del masaje terapeutico en las diferentes escuelas de surf y kite surf. Cabarte es una comunidad pequeña, pero hay muchos extrangeros que han invertido y se han montado su propio negocio, las personas locales y de fuera son sumamente acogedoras, osea que quizás tengas suerte!´

Sé de algunos lugares que enseñan deportes acuáticos por si te interesa contactarlos, durante el año pasado estuve viajando a Cabarete al menos dos veces al mes y cada vez que puedo me escapo de nuevo a sus playas.


Thanks honey,  feel free to say hello anytime you are in Puerto Plata.

Muchas Gracias Gabriela. La ultima vez que estuve en Mayo, pude hacer unos cuantos masajes en una de las escuelas de Kite, inclusive me dejaron usar su equipo gratuitamente a cambio de los masajes. Lo del trabajo del internet mas seria una entrada fija ya que Cabarete tiene temporadas altas y bajas y se que durante la temporada baja, posiblemente se me haria mas dificil ganar dinero, pero tienes mucha razón las personas en esa zona son muy buena gente. Gracias por la sugerencia, pero si por casualidad conoces algun extranjero trabajando en el país por medio del internet, te agradeceria cualquiera información sobre este tipo de compañias.  Muchisimas Gracias.  Si llego a saber de personas que necesiten clases de español, los apuntaré en tu dirección.

Hola Gabriela! I'm moving to SD this summer, love the city!

What NGO's do you have good experiences with? I'm a global development student and I'm hoping to find a NGO in StoDgo, but it feels like most of them only have their offices there and their programmes in other parts of the country (Ii know Plan International works mostly in San Juan, Azua, Barahona etc).

Welcome to the group! I'm new myself, so it's great to have more people from StoDgo who'll be able to answer questions!


Hi Jen!

Some of the big NGOs do have different projects outside SD but there are some small organizations that i sometime work with and that do an amazing job.

Fundaci?n Madelaes: is a home for orfan girls that is run by Maria Elena Beltr?n. She in only one woman working with 22 orphans and she does not recieve any help from the government, so they rely on private donations.

Fundaci?n Abriendo Caminos: they work with an under priviledge comunity in SD, giving afterschool programs to kids from the public school system (witch is really bad in DR) empowering women in teaching them different skills in order to earn a decen living, etc. They are very organized and sometimes hire personal (this if you are interested in a job in the NGO sector)

Canillitas con Don Bosco: this is a salesian organization that works with kids that live in the streets. They have educational programs all around DR (they have one in SD) in order to try a get the children of the streets. Its actually a big NGO that has a lot of sponsors in the private buisness sector of DR. I have a very good relationshil with them beacause i worked the the salesian development office for a year and a half.

If you have an specific type of NGO you?d like to work with let me know i i?ll investigate for you. The NGO sector is truly one of my passions.

Hope the info was helpfull, any more questions about life in SD don?t hesitate to ask!

Gabriela! You're super sweet and yes, it was very helpful! I inboxed you back!


Hello MASSAGEWIZ -> Can you please post in english on this Anglophone forum so that everybody can understand? :)

Thank you,

You got it. :-) my apologies.

Hi, how are you.?Would you like learn spanish with me?.I live in Santo Domingo  since 2012, I'm a teacher of spanish language and socials. My spanish is perfect, and the english is my second language, if you want  I can teach you, also,  you can considered me your friend from on. It's a pleasure, my name is Madeleine. Take care.

Hi Gabriela,
My name is Huong. I'm from Vietnam. I moved to SD 3 months ago but spent almost time for holiday in the USA. So far, I'm really new in the city.
I got your post today. That's really nice and interesting. I'm studying Spanish for the moment but I'm interested to work for NGOs too.
I can speak English, French and a bit of Spanish.
Just basic infos for the first time. If you have any information about NGO job here please let me know.
Very nice to meet you!
Huong Nguyen

Welcome Huong.  Great to see new faces on the forum.  What made you move to D.R. If I may ask?

Hello Huong!!

Welcome to the blog!

If i get any info on the NGO sector i will definetly let you know!

Best of luck!!

Thanks Gabriela. I'm glad to hear from you now and in the future :)
@ Massagewiz: I move here with my boyfriend. We definitely will live here at least 2 years. We are both have no experience in DR. Will be happy to learn and share with you guys

Well once again welcome and the best of luck :-)

please to meet you

hello there im new to this group i have gone through the forum
its interesting i work for emirates airline in karachi pakistan
i have spend 10 years in melbourne australia,
will keep in touch

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