Information on Las Terrenas - where to meet expats?

Hello All,

I just found this forum and would like some help if it is available.  I will be in LT starting tomorrow for about a week.  I was hoping there is a hang out or a place I can go to meet with other Ex Pats who have made the move.  I would like to get as many pointers as I can to help with a possible move. Lawyers and Real-estate agents and anything else.

Thank you

Anthony welcome to the forum.  There are lots of good folks here with lots of information to share.  I am not in the Las Terrenas so specific questions about that area I will leave to others to answer.

However we moved to the Sosua/Cabarete area 9+ years ago and can certainly answer questions about moving here, renting, building, life, residency, and how to "survive" here.  The DR is not for everyone.  Have you been here before?
What makes you want to move here?

There is lots of info here so read, read and then read some more on all the various threads and feel free to come back with specific questions.

Again Welcome

Bob K

Hello Bob,
Well to start i can give you a little backround.  I have spent a lot of time in the caribbean in various different countries.  I was introduced to DR some years ago and for lack of a better term, i fell in love.  I am from the United States and i am looking for a simpler life.

I will be in LT for the next week looking into some property.  So the advice i am looking for is more of refferences for a lawyer and real estate agent.  I have looked into the rules and regulations and i am familar with the issues that come with buying in DR.   Well at least some of them.  I am looking to possibly get touh with some english speaking expats and gain as much knowledge as i can.  Maybe even some friends alog the way. 

Thank you so much for your reply.  It is very much appreciated.


Anthony you are welcome and good luck.  Sorry I could not help you with info on LT

Bob K

Hi there, I too would be interested in locating a place where English speaking expats meet for drinks or meals. We will be in LT from late Feb to May. Thanks Pete

Hi, I live here, and the English speaking expat happy hour place is now Mojito's near Punta Popy. A group with a lot of experience meets there everyday about 4-6 PM.

Thanks Dan, look forward to meeting you and others at Mojitos in February. Pete

Hi. We are looking into moving to LT also.

Hi Dan,  my husband and I have read about Las Terranas and it sounds like a great town.  We are interested in purchasing a property but then started reading blogs.  Many people complaining of corrupt police, burglaries, etc.  We're easy going people and aren't demanding but the blogs are worrisome.  Any input for us? Laurie and Jim

I would say that the petty theft here is something to manage, and certainly not a deal killer. Others who have been victimized will have a different view. I've had some things stolen, but no big deal.

As for the cops, if you resent getting shaken down occasionally for a few bucks, this country might not be for you. It hasn't happened to me, but it happens.

I always ask people considering moving here how much time they have spent in third world countries. I think a person needs something like a year to know if it will work for him. There are no guardrails here. There is freedom. A person needs to be comfortable with that to enjoy the life here.

What a great answer. I'm not worried about petty crime or getting hit up for a few bucks.  I  do want to feel safe though.  Is a gated community a must?
We're basically looking for a place with interesting, nice people. The multi-cultural aspect of Las Terrenas and the beauty are a tempting combination .   We aren't fancy....just relaxed and looking for a place to enjoy each day.

Funny you ask. My friends who retired and moved here to a gated apartment complex have had more break-ins in the last few months than others who live in the barrio. It's always the security guards.

On the other hand, some friends who lived in an isolated area, and had their walls stripped bare while they were away for a few months.

We have had no problems ourselves, as is the experience of most all our friends here. We manage our security, and have found that iron is better than people.

Best you spend some time in the country. Check out the different expat centers; Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabrera, Bavaro, and Las Terrenas.

I retired here a couple of years ago, found Las Terrenas, and fell in love with the place. This is my home forever.

Dan is absolutely correct. You need to come down and spend a few months living not as tourist but as a resident.  Explore the various areas and see if the DR fits for you.  It is certainly not for everyone.
We settled on the north coast (between Sosua and Cabarete) full time over 10 years ago.

Bob K

Do expats still meet for HH at this place from 4-6? My husband & I travelling to LT & our air bnb is very close to that beach.

Hi Dan - is Mojito's still the place for the expat Happy Hour?  My husband and I will be in LT next month and want to meet expats that have gone before us on this journey!

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