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I am a Filipino and will move to Malaysia soon. I was wondering where is the best place to rent in Petaling jaya. I will be alone and will only need a single BR apartment or maybe 2 just in case I will have a guest. Is 1500 MYR enough?

You must be kidding! Best you can get is a studio at that price.

how much will it be for a 2BR decent apartment? any website you can refer? &
I am also looking for an apartment currently..i have recently relocated here last week..currently staying in a hotel..
Let me know if we can rent a new apartment together..
When will you be here

Hey bro!

Probably April. I am still in the process of negotiating my salary so it might take a while. But I am sure that i will be there by April.

Well if u guys are interested in shah alam. [Moderated]

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Hi best site for own place is iproperty. Other sites like mudah are for flat shares but have lower grade apartments.

The cheapest places tend to be in druggy infested apartments in bad ateas where a woman on her own is ill advised. Even so 6 years ago 1500 rm per month just got a run down low end apartment (no facilities) 2 bed place in suburb (student type of place) with fans and free cockroach infestation!  (Know from students) As prices are higher now. From own search 2.5k for a one bed is the minimum for somewhere worth living in. Below that flat share is better imho. In Malaysia investors buy apartment and condos and exoect a certain return. They wont lower rents at all and prices remain firm. What keeps prices high in may areas is that people share. A 2k place in a run down atea might have 5 burmese workers per room sharing. So a 2 bed place has 10 (illegal) workers so 200 rm pm each. So prices dont go down.

Houses are far better value but usually come unfurnished.  So capital required to buy furniture.

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