Introduction looking for friends in Qatar

Hi Everyone!

My name is Aneline and I come from South Africa and Europe. Just came to Qatar for my new post. I do teaching and modelling, too:) I love sport and enjoy reading. Looking for some honest lifetime friends in Qatar as most of my friends stay all over the world but not in Qatar. Enjoy your weekend:)

:) Welcome to Qatar Aneline...
Hope you would enjoy your stay..

Thank you and I hope so, too ;)

Hi Ane,
Nice to meet you online, I am from Pakistan and working in IT. Although I have some known persons from Pakistan in same office but I like to make new and decent friends from all over.
Wish you good luck and happy life ahead.


Lovely meeting you.
I am heading to Qatar in April from Cape Town.
Would be great to meet up for sure.

I'm Hameed from Egypt.
Lived in South Africa for sometime, In Limpopo, about two hours by car from Joburg.
Nice having you in Qatar

thank you for a warm welcome ;)

So how long have you been in Qatar and do you enjoy it?

Have been here for two years.
I enjoy it very much though the weather here is problematic in summer
It is a relatively safe place and you can enjoy your freedom with nobody poking his nose into your affairs !
I miss the clear  and clean weather of SA and the lovely sky of the southern hemisphere !

I'm looking to move to Qatar this year


hope you do ;)

it's really nice. . .

I'm looking job in hospitality in Qatar .as I have large experience been working in uk in luxury hotels
.what is best way to get job offer

Here is a link for Qatar jobs
Sorry it is written in Arabic but you can use Google translate which may help you

Salam brother
I'm Algerian I speak Arabic fluently .shoukrane akhie

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Hi Aneline,
how are you doing here

hi, looking for sports n adventures.. like diving..  any1 in?


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