New members of the Portugal forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Portugal forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Portugal if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi, my name is Alex.

Well it looks like maybe I'm the first person using this thread so here it goes.

I've just joined and I'm really hoping this is the site for me. I'm a repat, born in Portugal but moved to London England when I was 7. Now I'm back here and looking for some new friends. I've moved around a bit and now I'm living near Cascais and find myself a bit lacking in friends and it gets lonely :-(

Anyways, I'm a very bubbly person who doesn't know she's nearing 50 (I swear I'm 30, at least in my mind). I get on with everyone and love doing so many things, from the calm relaxing stuff like wine and dine and coffee mornings to the more exciting things like quadbiking and martial arts and I love sci-fi's, so sad that I didn't get to watch the new star wars movie.

Looking for friends to do these things with.

Any takers?

Hi,  nice to know about you... Planning to land lisbon soon and it would be fun if I have friends from day  one... :-)  would like to know more about you what you do...***. Have a great day...

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Hi Raj,

Well it's nice to get a welcome, albeit from someone who himself is new :-)

So when are you planning to come to Portugal? What part of Portugal? and is it for a visit or are you moving out here?

I live near the Cascais area, very nice in the summer but not much to do in the winter lol.

As for what I do, I'm an English teacher, and translator.


Thanks for your reply :-)  I am visiting lisbon portugal around April and if I like the place I will plan to move,   Stay connected!!!

My name is Danny. I am planning to going to Portugal at the end of the year.I still have not decided where, but probably Algarve. I don´t know anyone in Portugal but have visited twice and absolutely fell in love with the country. I am also planning to put in the draw my MBA and former career and get into cooking. I will be getting my chef degree in December.In the meantime, trying to get all the info I need in order to do so. Like Alex, I am also almost 50 but with a teen spirit.



I too fell in love with Portugal and live the Algarve.  I want to retire there.  I thought about spending several months at a time and maybe l could do my Tefl there.  I have been going to Portugal since 2009 and love it.  I wish you luck with your venture.

hey can give me good tips.....I like Faro and Albufeira, Petti

Hi Danny,

I live near cascais, it's a beautiful area and with many expats. If ever you are in the area send me a message and we could meet up

Good luck with your degree....Cooking here mainly with foodies is in Lisbon... Mostly here
It's still light years away from most places in cuisine. Locals eat simply and mostly fish. 
Cascais area is in dire needs of new food! Fresh market salads for ex?  I've been here in the area for 5 months, and grew up here. Out of season: no beach weather, there is a limited amount of things open, especially in rural areas that are bucolic, for ex alentejo.. The Portuguese government wants people to invest here, but the structure is weak at best. To invest in housing in more popular areas is high,  and season is very short for tourism. Spend time here in winter before deciding what you will do.  I have friends here, and love the climate..great for sports! And if you like farm life...! I'm back to Canada soon. Montreal is a serious food city. Alas no beach.

My name is Islam, I am from Bangladesh. Currently I am living in lisbon. I did my MBA from Bangladesh.  I was in a bank, job after 3 years of my banking career, I moved to uk joined in an accountancy firm as a payroll officer. Worked there for two years. Now moved to portugal to start my own business. Hopefully export import.
I have recently moved there
I found this forum when i was in the UK. Really appriciate all the staff and members. The way you help people is incredeble.
Love to hear all of your advice, suggestion and feedback.
See you

Hi there,
My name´s Caio Morais, born in Brasil, raised in Portugal.

I arrived in the beautiful country at the age of 4, im' nearly Portuguese, right?  :D

At the moment I work at Teleperformance Portugal, we hire people with several Nationalities, and that the reason I made a account :)

Wish you all the best!

Can give a bit detail of the job.
I am looking for a job actually.

@ caiomoraisTP > If you are looking to recruit people for Teleperformance , i invite you to post in the appropriate section which is the Jobs in Portugal section :)

@ Tafsirulroyal > Do note that this thread is for introduction of new members, if you are looking for a job, i invite you to follow the jobs in Portugal link and to post your job search. :)

Good luck


Hi Alex,
I am planning on going in July. Still have not sorted out my documentation problem but studying hard about it.  Once I have confirmed my trip, I will let you know. My plan is to open a bank account and also I have hired a contabilista to help me with the paperwork to open a small business.
thanks for the kind offer.



Olá, my name is Niels and I am from Denmark. The last 2,5 years I have been travelling and working online. Mainly travelling in South East Asia. I run a small website agency business and also started an e-commerce project.

I have heard many nice things about Portugal, and I could see it as a more permanent base. Expect to be in Portugal later this year in July or August.

I would love to make new aquaintances, connections here, whether its for business or private. Lets share ideas and make something happen.

Would also like to hear your take on, where you would consider living in Portugal. Many people mention Lisbon of course. But what about Porto, Braga etc.

I am looking for travel accessories manufacturers in Portugal. I have heard that there is many factories in the North around Porto.

Appreciate any advice :-)

not satisfied from your services

My name is Ross, I was born in Brazil and raised in Portugal, and now I live in London.

My parents live in the Algarve, and I try to go over as much as possible (6 to 8 times a year).

The thing I miss the most about the Algarve is the laid back lifestyle, the weather, and amazing food! I lived a total of 25 years in the Algarve, mostly in Sao Bras de Alportel, but also in Vilamoura and Almancil.

I still have many friends that I visit when I'm over. Although there is never enough time to meet everyone. I have setup my own real estate portal which has expanded my business network and also opened up opportunities for business trips! :)

One day I hope to move back to the Algarve on a more permanent basis...

Hello all

We are a Canadian couple in our mid 30s and mid 40s who are considering a move to Porto Portugal and looking for as much feedback on the process, from passports to ideal sites for finding accommodations to rent and employment in the Porto region.

I am a sales professional with over 25 years in various industris from construction to Media sales and my partner is an administrative professional.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.

Christoph & AJ Ravin

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thank you we are done

Olá, amigos-
My husband and I recently arrived in Lisbon and are excited for our next expat adventure. We escaped New York City and lived a quiet life on the gulf coast in Yucatán, Mexico for 8 years, but all of that peace and quiet and natural beauty got old after awhile,  ;) and we found that we were ready to live in a cosmopolitan, vibrant and diverse city again. We're very happy with our decision so far!

My name is Sami Zaki. I live in Alexandria ( Egypt) I'd like to visit Portugal next year. For this reason I'm here to get some information.
See you in Portugal.

Hi all my name Is Hassan and I am from Pakistan. .. Travelling is passion reading ,movies ,music and working out are my hobbies .... have lived one year in Dubai was working as a call centre representative then 1 year in Malaysia working the same in a call centre and learned foot massage in malaysia then i moved to France for another year and a half where i worked as a tour guide,foot masseaur and a nanny with teaching english and I recently moved to Lisbon in Portugal. ..But planning to move somewhere else then lisbon hopefully asap..

My name is Sami. I'm from Alexandria ( Egypt). I like travelling and making new  friends. I can speak , Arabic , English and Portuguese. I'm happy to be here.
See you soon my friends

Hello everyone,

My name is Anne and I've just moved to Porto where I should be at least for the next 3 years. I am French and work as an English teacher at the French school.
Looking for English speakers to have a cup of tea and a chat...
I've lived in quite a few countries (Colombia, Ireland, Qatar to name a few)
Bye for now

I can speak Arabic , English and Portuguese. I hope we can be friendws
See you soon

Welcome to PortugaL
i am new here also parle un peu francais aussi... :)

Be welcome, Anne ! My english is not a reference and I'll be in Algarve, but I wish you good luck for your future contacts :)

hi skippy
thinking of going to Quebec myself, as unsure what I can do in Portugal. I did manage to open a bank account and trying to establish a company but unsure whether I would be able to support myself there.

thanks for the advice



just saw your post rather belatedly but still. I am a Brazilian wishing to establish myself in Algarve.
Any tips



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I´m Cristóvão,

I live in Portugal since 1987. I came form Saint-Etienne (France) with 15 and I live in a beautiful city called Loulé, 7km from the Ocean (Quarteira/Vilamoura).



We are Sri lankan trying to settle in Portugal, would like to get some information, also could anyone tells us is there are Sri Lankan Community, and can we get a job with English knowledge etc.,


Although at the moment I am in London but I will be coming to Portugal soon. It would be nice to receive a reply from you. ***


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Hey Amyor,

I'm looking at heading back over in June next year I think also to do an intensive language course. I've found a few on offer but not too sure which school/uni/whatever to go with. If you find a standout please let me know :)

Not a clue sorry, I only went to Portugal for the first time this year and that was for a holiday. I'm from Australia so I don't think I have much chance at legitimate work there unfortunately.

Hi, I'm Bart. I'm a software-developer and I'm thinking of moving to Portugal.

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Hi Bart, Thats a good decision i think , alot of job opportunities for the software development here. Might not be that much well paid as if you are in Belgium . Let me know if I can help in anything.

Best regards,

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