New members of the Poland forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hello Maghdaa

I hope that you are well, I was many times in Poland, please what sector of job you need.

Best Reagrds

Hi Everybody,

I am Pau from Barcelona and will be living in Bielsko Biala for the next 4 months. I'd like to meet people around here.



I'm Jitka, Czech native, just moved to Wrocław . Feel quite alone as I don't know anybody in here and looking for the job at the same time.
I'd like to meet some expats in Wrocław.
Speak Czech,  English,  basic polish, bit German and Spanish

Looking forward

Im moving to Warsaw next week Would like to meet new people preferably English speakers

Hi Jitka Im in the same position in Warsaw How are you getting on over there Ive never been to your city

Hello All,
My name is Arek and I'm polish student studying and living in Warsaw. I have been learning English for years and i believe I gained some experience. I would like to help YOU (expats ) with polish (as I'm Pole and I'm quite familiar with this beautiful language :-) .
Also, if YOU are already staying in Poland I can offer you some help with common difficulties, and answers to questions on Poland and it's specifications: how it is to live in here, where to go to find some place, what are the local specialty dishes etc.
I, myself, would like to have many conversations with YOU to practice my English. If I can also be helpful, that will be just great.
Looking forward to hearing from YOU !

No not crazy at all Poland is far less expensive and far saner than Californis

Hi Aleks I will be in town from October 26th would love to have a coffee and talk about your life in Poland My email is xxx let me know :)

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Hello everybody,

I moved to Poznan 2 days ago to study for my PhD. I have come from Manchester in England and would really like to meet new people as I am quite lonely.

Anyone out there in Poznan?



Dzień dobry!

I am Clarence, originally from Singapore and I have spent the last few years around the world as a digital nomad before deciding to settle down in Warsaw after a summer of teaching English to youths and business English to adults.

I am now working for an IT company and I am looking forward to meeting all you amazing people! I am TEFL-certified but I am hoping to upgrade this to a CELTA in due time.


Hi All ,

I am Ahmed from Egypt who  arrived Krakow 1 month ago . I am interested to know more friends here .

im coming to Poland i would like to meet new friends, hope i could find some part time while im studding

Good evening,

I am Daniel, from the Basque Country. Moving soon (November 2016) to Warsaw for an internship... starting with 6 months but probably more!
Looking for accommodation right now and arranging all the stuff... Happy to be here to get in touch with people from all over the world, I will definitely need all the advice you can offer!

Best Regards,


Good evening
I will move to poland next year to continue my studies am graduated as electrical engineer i will continue my masters degree i know no body there so feel free to contact me i want to make new friends girls and boys 😍

Hi, my name is Harriet, I am from england but i have a polish fiance. Moving near boleslawiec very soon!

La Polonia è un bellissimo paese e anche io cerco di conoscere nuove persone specialmente che anche io sono arabo e vengo dal Marocco ma sono cresciuto in Italia però non ho assolutamente problemi di comunicazione
È un piacere conoscervi

12333 :

La Polonia è un bellissimo paese e anche io cerco di conoscere nuove persone specialmente che anche io sono arabo e vengo dal Marocco ma sono cresciuto in Italia però non ho assolutamente problemi di comunicazione
È un piacere conoscervi

Hi Saad - welcome to the Forums.  This is an English speaking part of the Forum, can you please use English when you post here in the future; alternatively, you can use the Italian section.

Hi everyone. I dont know how active is this site, but here I go. My name is Cesar, I'm 28 years old musician from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I arrived a couple of months ago to Warsaw and I'm quite happy so far,d Poland is a beatiful country.

For now im studying the language and trying to find a part hour job and also I am teaching piano and music theory lessons as well.

Here is my link: [link moderated]

If anybody has any questions, inquiries about how is it to live here as a foreigner I'd be happy to help and share my experiences so far.
By the way, any Argentineans out there living in Warsaw? Let me know.



Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Cesar, since this thread is only meant for the introduction of new members, i invite you to post an advert in the Poland classifieds under the music classes section if you want to spread the word.

Also, do not hesitate to create your own thread on the Poland forum so that you might get better interaction with members.

All the very best,

Well hi everyone. I am currently living in Poland. I work as a manager of a cosmetics store. Also I have lived here since 2010.

I wonder if anyone here lives in my city

hi :) I live in Cracow (Im Polish native speaker). If anyone wants to meet someone from this area, please let me know - I could help you with day-to-day stuff or just meet for a coffee.
Cheers, Natalia


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