British Expats in Poland - documentary

Cześć! I am in my final year of studies at Edinburgh Napier University, studying journalism.

As part of the course I am going to create a short radio documentary about the lives and experiences of British Expats now living in Poland.

Is there anyone that would possibly be interested in being interviewed as part of the documentary?

I will be in Poland between the 6th and 13th of January, and plan to return again sometime in February/March. I can't get across how much I would appreciate the help of one or two people - even if it's just to chat for 15/20 minutes.

Thank you. I gained an interest in Polish culture since meeting my partner, who is originally from Zabrze in Silesia.

Hello uke Langlands.

Welcome to! :)

Concerning your documentary, you should post an advert in the Looking for section in the Poland classifieds. It shall help.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply Aurelie. Apologies for putting this in the wrong forum - I'll fix that now.

Hello i will be in Krakow in February and willing to do an interview with you if you like as i've spent alot of time in Poland

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