New members of the Morocco forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

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Hi Corinne,

Thanks for the message. Your website looks amazing. I am not into Yoga, however i am all for well being and meeting new people  :)  Also i fly back home on the 3rd day into your stay so would not be around for the whole duration of the retreat.

It would however, be nice to meet up for food etc? I am not sure if that's an option?

I am pretty chilled out and flexible so no pressure either way.

Best wishes

A very pleasant evening to everyone in Tangier, its my second day over here & love the place. I am sure i am going to meet some interesting people in Tangier.

Hi all! I'm moving to Tangier in a couple of weeks! I'm very excited! Would love to say hello to anyone already there! Cheers!

Yoy are more than welcome let us know once you arrive


A very pleasant and windy evening to everyone specially friends in tangier, how abt a get together this week in Tangier !
Raise your hands who wanna join

Fez city anyone?


Yes, I dream of living in Morocco for a long time. Over the years I have meet a lot of Moroccan families with lots of offers to visit their home.

If or when I move there I want a simple small house primitive is fine as I have the survival skills. Most listing for house are way of my budget and desire as I want to live among the locals.

I have also been to Cairo and even drove to Sharm and other small towns for scuba diving.
Hope to come and visit first before making the life commitment.

Anyway, I hope to learn a lot here before traveling.

Safe journey,


You're Welcome


I'm an American expat with a Taiwanese wife and we have a 7 month old daughter.  We are going to move to Casablanca in a week and would love to meet up with other young families.

hello welcome in morocco my name is badr   iam an english teacher in rabat from Morocco and if u need any help of this try to contact me on my email adress **have a great day.

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I 'm professor of English and has been living in Marrakech for 30 years.I coordinated exchange programs with US universities. I write short stories and very much interested in Moroccan cuisine, art, history and cutlural tourism. I 'like to meet up with expats interested in the local culture

Hello everyone,

My name is Rawan.

I'm a Moroccan who has never lived in Morocco, and is in the market to start up a business there and hopefully there!

Need all of your help and guidance!


Hi Ravvana,

Welcome to you home country Morocco. I hope you are well settled already and that you are enjoying what you have been missing through the years.
As of to start a Business, There is this place called CRI (Centre regional d'investissement) where you can find any information related to opening a new business.
Depending in the city you are living in, I am sure you can get all the help you get when you go see them.
Welcome back again and good luck in your new venture.


Hi everyone  :cheers:
My name is Ikram, and I'm  from marrakesh.I'm a MA student ,about to graduate in English studies.

Welcome back to your natural habitat Rawan :) Been in your shoe. Took lot of patience and efforts to adapt and ride the new wave.

SoufZeOuf mentioned the CRI. My advice is don't bother. It's a waste of time and energy. They advise you with basic procedures on how to start a business which any average accountant bureeau can help you get going and do the work themselves for cheap. This government office offers no true help. At least not in Fes.

Anyways, do your homework and ask lots of questions to anybody that can relate to your project idea.

Good luck!


How are you? I am Balidou from Tangier.
If you come around here, you are welome.
Have a nice time.


Good day. I recently moved to Rabat. I've been here since March of this year. Looking forward to interacting with other English speaking folks. Ciao.


I'm Hannah and I'm from the state of Indiana in the US. I've been living in Morocco with my husband now for 7 months in Tetouan. We are expecting a baby boy in January and are hoping our visa journey for us both to live in the US will be finished early enough to make it to the US to meet our little one there. We have a blog that is also listed on this site under "community" and "blogs." It's called and we are writing about our experiences in Morocco.

Hope everyone is enjoying Morocco.



Assalamu alaikum and hi to everyone.

I have been been an expat in Morocco for 4 years now. We have settled in my husband's home town of Meknes and I am orginally from Melbourne, Australia.   
It would be lovely to connect with other expats  in Morocco, particularly some in Meknes to build a network of expats for friendship and support.
We spend our time between Tetouan and Ifrane in the Summer months, so it would be nice have some friends there too.
I am taking Arabic classes and also studying French. Once I am proficient enough I would love to open an English Tea house for women... The cafe scene is a men's domain here in Morocco.. well certainly it seems to be in Meknes.. perhaps not so for some other parts of Morocco.
Whether this dream will come to fruition on God knows at the point.. it sure is nice to dream about... hehe.
I'd love to hear from you... ( sisters only please)
Halimah :)

Hi Rawan ,

you ae welcome home ,
You can contact me anytime , it will be my pleasure to assist you .
I was out of the country for more han 28 years , now I am back , and I got to know what it needs to stand on you own , and got into a lot of experiences that were very fruitful , and I learnt a lot .
wish you all the best .
Mohamed .

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

Hello to everyone :)

Alhamdulillah that I found this website and you all seem lovely!

I'm moving to morocco in Shaa Allah as soon as I land a job there. My current best option is to teach English as I have the TEFL, how ever I am also open to anything halal and maybe just maybe some of you can help to point me in the right direction. I'll move anywhere in morocco :) in Shaa Allah. Barakallahum Feek, may Allah Subhanahu wa'talla bless and protect you all ya rab Ameen.

Hi Everyone,

I'm Jecyn and i moved to Casa for good last August to join my husband along with our daughter. I used to fly for an airline in Dubai for 10 years.
I must say that learning either french or Darija is a great tool to get by with day to day life in this country.

hi to the new expat to morocco, i live in agadir and i use to work and live in the usa,france, i am loking if i can be of any help to the new comer to these lovely city.
i am a moroccan citizen

Hello. I'm Aminah. I've been here for 7 months now but I live in Rabat.

Hi my name is safa i'm 22 years olds and i'm from Marrakech , i don't know what should i say to present myself .. :D 
"Let's raise up a hearty welcome, big and warm enough to hold you all ..."

Warm welcome to all the new friends (including me)

Thank u

my name is ahlam i'm 23 years old, i from morroco exactly Marrakech, im looking for a new friends from different palces .

Welcome  :)

Welcome to the forum and warm greetings from Tangier

New Member in this forum 

Thank for you all

I have just arrived to Morocco , Rabat before10 days ago to work with My embassy here. 
I don't no much people her so i need to start make new friends tell me the secret of the city.
I willing to start taking french courses, I will appropriate any help guide me how i can start.
need help on Personal health insurance , buying car , renting good apartment.

Best Regards

Asalam alaikum wr allah wb everyone!

I am a Moroccan originaly from Rabat, currently live in SF CA. Married to an american convert and would loooove to move back home. My husband is a web developer and i work at a healthcare agency (staffing coordinator/recruiter) we are hoping to find jobs with American or Moroccan companies in Morocco. Please let us know if you have any info.

Thank you,

Expats or Moroccans who moved back from abroad living or staying in Fes are invited for a meet up. later!

Sallaam Labas. Smithi ana Alexis. Ana englizia
And that is 40% of the Darija I've learned so far.

Luckily for me I grew up in Cape Town with many Muslims, even some family so many Arabic phrases are familiar to my ears and being Fluent in Afrikaans helped with pronunciation.

So I had 7 Arabic apps, 3 of which was specifically Darija until one late night when I realised that French would benefit me more overall. Which just confirms how much help I need.

I decided last month that in the next few months or by end 2017, I will permanently move to Morocco.

There's soooo much to prepare and I'm clueless. Help. I need guidance with accommodation, VISA's, job prospects, shopping, transport, language fact I don't even know all the things I need help with.

Hello dear speakers,

I wish i can:
know all of you ..
Talk to all of you ..
And i want to open my world for everybody wanna know and meet english speakers in morocco (agadir)
So im Habib , 25 years old
I'm a salesman( company  sells buildding stuffs)
I want learn more english and improve more of it and know new friends
Im living in agadir .
All of you are welcome to know and meet me
Thanks guys!
See you :)


I want to emigrate to Rabat, to open a beautysalon. I am 27 years old, and born and raised in Belgium.


Hello, I'm Ghizlane from  Morroco, I juste moved to Tanger and It feels so lonely here, It's far from where I used to live, and I would be so happy to know someone or a group of friends with whom I will spend a nice time, and learn how to be social again !  :gloria

Would you like to be in Agadir?
Habib welcoming you as a good english speaker friend to spend  meeting and handout together ^^

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