New members of the India forum, introduce yourself here – 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the India forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in India if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am hoping that this would lead me somewhere. The whole idea of signing on was to get to know fellow singaporeans/ expats here in chennai and share the struggles in living in Chennai and of course the joys as well. I once thought that chennai would be the last place on earth that i would ever reside in. for starters, I am not a big fan of the weather. But oh boy never say never!   I am having a very strange relationship with Chennai. I don't understand how, but I am getting my soul back.

For now, I just want to say hello... and put it out into the world- what I would give for Chiili fried rice, sambal belacan and to hear the Singapore accent right this very moment.

Hi. I am from Manila, Philippines. I will be deployed to Mumbai India this coming April. Since it is my first time to visit India, I am looking forward to meeting new friends. And I believe that this site is a good venue to meet trustworthy people. :)

Thank you and hope to get some friendly tips from all of you during my short visit in your lovely country.

Hiii I m living in Chennai. Distance between Chennai & Mumbai is about 1800 km. Sorry I can't help u. Please another help please inform me

Hi , I am manish from India. I will be moving to Belgium in few months.

Hi I am Shimmer. People who are looking for friends in India, with whom they can share their homesickness blues and have someone to talk to can hit me up ! Cheers !

Hi, This is Shweat from Pune. Please feel free to contact me if incase any of my overseas friend need help in Pune.


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Ciao friends,

I work with Royal Dutch Shell in Kazakhstan and live in mumbai. I travel on and off between these places every month. I'm open to connecting with people from different cultures.

I know Russian, English and little bit of Italian.

Let me know if it interests you to meetup over coffee


HI! I would love to host you people in Delhi

hello guys , am looking forward make really friends in India :) . , its not so necessary for me to move to Mumbai specially but I just want to live and get a good job in india generally ..
so wish anyone of you can help me friends :)

welcome to the forum buddy


i have a friend and she's soon coming to pune from moscow for sometime. Can you help in suggesting good places to rent for 2-3 months. Her office is in koregaon park


Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

@ Kapeedag, since this thread is only for the introduction of new members, can you please drop an advert in the Housing in Pune section of the website ?

It might get you some offers.

All the best,

Indeed. Shall do the same

Yes, we all are here to help you.
Please reach to anyone of us for any help.

Hi ...
Most welcome  ....
If any help needed in India , you may ask unanimously and may consult at my email ...> xxx

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Hi There,

Any help or information form Delhi. Please feel free and contact.

Hi my name is Sahil from UAE, indian citizen like to discuss in this forum. can help you with information ?

Hi, I'm Junie, a Filipina. I'm planning on visiting abroad for some weeks or months and have chosen India..would really love seeing and knowing new culture and tradition as well as people. I'm hoping to know Filipinos living in India..better know someone. Thanks!!

Bonjour ! Je suis Français de Nice ( Alpes -Maritimes ) et je suis photographe amateur . Troisiéme et prochain voyage en Inde  pour début 2017 . Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, puis Calcutta ( kolkota ).
Salutations à tous . Merci .

Hello,  :)

My husband and I are moving to Pune soon and I was wondering if anyone could give an idea about the good neighbourhoods for accommodation.
We are currently living in Manhattan, New York but originally from the UK, its just the two of us now but we are planning to start our family soon.
Ideally we are looking for at least 2bedroom minimum with gym services etc in the complex.
My husband's office would be in the Eon free zone so we would be looking for something that is close by as I've heard the traffic situation in Pune is quite bad.
A safe, friendly neighbourhood with good grocery and medical stores at a walking distance would be ideal.
We would be bringing our furniture with us as the company is going to provide with the shipping services.
Neither of us are very familiar with the lifestyle in India as we've only been on holiday visits from time to time.
Any advice on the locations and an idea for rent etc would be much appreciated. Also good shopping places for groceries.


I'm from Philippines, currently I am working here in Singapore. I decided to live in India next year. My boyfriend is Indian and we decided I'm moving hopefully next year. Would you mind if I ask, if theres a lot of job opportunity for filipino there?.And one thing i want to ask, how to process document or visa to India. I'm planning to live  there longer ,is it possible?


i am payal nagrani
a banker with citi bank in pune

please connect

Hi payal nagrani. Im looking for job opportunity in Pune. They have job opportunity in ur organization? Can i ask help from u please . Thanks

Good day to all. I live in the Pacific Northwest in USA.  I am thinking of retiring to India in the future. Other than the cuisine, I have very little knowledge of where would be the most appropriate place to live as a single person. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


me shaik living in saudi with 99% Fillipino staffs

if you visit india my travel agency will arrange all for you

Hello Shaik,
Your travel agency provide 6 months tourist visa? And what are those requirements for applying tourist visa to india? I want multiple entry it is possible?
And how much is the cost all package?

Thank you Julienne and hello to other expats.
I live in Australia but my interest is to get to India sooner than later.
What I need is a job over there to support myself.
Perhaps I am not being realistic and will have to wait.
You may be curious why someone from Australia would want to live in India.
India has a lot to offer that has been lost in Australia today. What is important to me may not be so for someone else. My values, my life, my decision. It's a personal thing isn't it?

Hi my name is Tess a full time housewife. Living here at Gurgaon for a week now....just finish my unpacking and getting settled but I have not meet any Filipino  ...maybe from here can find a few friends. I am used of surrounded by friends and now I feel so alone when hubby goes to work.

Hi everyone

I will soon move to Gujarat for my studies. I'd like to get in touch with expats there, if there are...?

Thanks everyone!

Hi y'all! Namaste, and all that jazz ^_^

My Spiritual Master gave me the name Taruni  dasi so that's the one I thought I'd use on this forum, although it's not the one on my profile.

I originally joined the expat community for looking to move to Brazil. I've since decided that doing that legally could be problematic for me at present so perhaps I'll split my time between the West and the East. I've been to India numerous times but have generally avoided spending more than 2 or 3 weeks in the country. I'm currently looking to winter in Bangalore but thought I'd share something of my first experience of India, as part of the 'getting to know you' lark. Maybe others would like to do something similar.

I'll always remember the first time I entered the country- I came in overland from Pakistan where we drove through white and grey deserts, grey, brown (and beautiful!) mountains, and towns turned brown with the  (blessed!) coming of the first rains. As you may know most of the men there wear grey or white or camel coloured clothes. But when we crossed the border suddenly, while we were still sitting waiting for everything to be settled up, these men in electric blue punjabi suits with electric blue turbans came and began unloading goods from a truck and running with them to another destination. So many men. All dressed in blue like butterflies, fluttering back and forth and back and forth. It was mesmerising! I'll always remember that, along with trees, the sudden and dramatic increase in the sound of bird chatter, and green fields full of women in saris of all different, ever bright, colours. Ahh it was amazing! Truly amazing! Then some friends of mine and I went into town to see the Golden Temple and nearly died on a rickshaw lol, before being transported into some other mode of consciousness while walking around the sacred site. Ah yes. That's India. Magic and Mayhem all rolled into one!

Peace :) xxx

Hello Sitarenos,
Nice  to hear that you want to live in India !

Can you tell about what type of job you are looking for and your qualifications and prior experiences which would be helpful to provide some information about job.

Have a good day.

Hi all,

I'm a Lebanese guy who lived in Delhi for two years and am hoping to get back there soon.

Therefore, I'm looking for work in Delhi/NCR (see my thread on the subject -

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. 

I would also be happy to meet fellow expats when I am there.

Thanks everyone!

Hello everybody,

I just found out about this platform last night. It is a great initiative !!

I am French and willing to come and work in New Delhi. I would love to meet food & wine lovers and start a new job life and discover the indian culture. If anyone has leads in the F&B and spirits business in Delhi, I  am there :) And, I would be keen on helping people who have questions about the parisian life !

Good afternoon/evening !

Hi, my name is Neil and I have recently moved to Chennai. This is my first experience of living in India and am keen to meet up with people who are adjusting/have adjusted to life here.

I am pretty easy going and am keen to take in the sights, sounds and tastes this country has to offer or even grab a drink and chat. Drop me a line!


Hello my name is Philpa I come from Zimbabwe, this is my second year in India. I'm currently studying Hotel Management in Goa. Would love to know and meet new people.


Hey guys!

My name is Ainara and I'm from the north of Spain. I've been working for a year (2016) in Mumbai and the end of January (2017) I'm going to start working in Chennai (near Thiruvallur district).

Please, feel free to contact me in case you know any flat for rent near the district or not far away (I would like to live between the factory and Chennai's city center)

I hope we'll meet in Chennai :)

Hi ur profile seems very interesting.. If any point you wanna visit the southern part of India you can call me on *** can share more details ..

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