Foreigner looking for work in Delhi/NCR

Hi All,

I'm a Lebanese guy from Beirut; I lived in Delhi for two years and am hoping to get back there soon.

Therefore, I'm looking for work in Delhi/NCR; either with NGOs, or any job that requires native Arabic speakers; I'm a native Arabic speaker with many years of experience in translation (Arabic to English and vice versa).

I know that getting a work permit for a foreigner in India can be complicated, but I am confident I can get one if I have a job offer. I am willing to return to Delhi at my own expense, if necessary. As a foreigner in India, I have the advantage of already knowing the country well.

If you have anything matching, please let me know and I will send you my CV.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.

Would you consider a position in Bangalore ?.  If so drop me a mail.

Dr. Majeed

Thank you for your response, but my focus is Delhi/NCR.

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