Recruitment process with Hamad Medical Corporation through IBM

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I hope someone can give me some answers as I cant seem to get any info from anywhere...

Has anyone been recruited through IBM for HMC? I had a telephone consultation then was told to submit my certificates, CV's etc. Then I was told to wait as they are awaiting feedback from hiring manager. I was then told they would like to offer me sky interview but has now been over 2 months and I have not had a interview date as yet. I keep getting told they are waiting to hear from hiring manager and the initial recruitment lady has stopped emailing so I emailed another recruitment co-coordinator who said they not heard from hiring manager which could be early next year now as they are in transition phase and also it is up to HMC now apparently to contact candidates...does anyone know what this means or what is going on? does anyone have HR contact email for HMC so I can chase this? Also noticed the job I applied for is no longer advertised none in fact in that area of work seem to have all been taken off...not sure what else I can do.

Any comments or answers will be much appreciated thanks

which post you applied to hmc through ibm

It was for a Pharmacist post applied in August and now looks like there is no Pharmacy posts so don't know if they have been filled or what this means...

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Yes thanks I had noticed, just after the latest information on HMC recruitment process. Hoping to get some answers.

Hi everyone!  Im a canadian RN with 4,5 years obstetrics experience who have been working in a teaching and research center. Profco (agency recruitment) contact me a while ago  for a position at the new Sidra research center that will open I think in May 2016 and the interview will take place after the shortlist the 25 of february.  Im a moroccan originaly but I ve been raised in canada I speak french english and arabic. I am married but no kids, the agency told me that sidra offer the family contract  but my husband will have to join 6 to 8 weeks later is it possble for him to come with me as visitor first incase there is complication with the family contract?. I know its too soon  but would like to know some information about the contract like the salary and benefits is it worth it knowing that life in  qatar is expensive. Any tips for the interview .
Thank you!

better you sign  your contract bcoz hmc has a very lengthy process if you dont have job u will suffer

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