Bat houses

Would like to purchase some bat houses. Corozal or Orange Walk Town? Also looking for homeless bats. Lol

how did you do finding a bat house?

Why are you looking  for bat houses?  Mosquitoes?  Does it work?

Absolutely. having snakes for rats,  or spiders for plant killing insects and wasps.

Bat houses work great and there are plenty of plans 4 bat houses on the internet the question is do they work for Belizean bats and if not does anyone have a plan for Belizean bat house

Good Afternoon,
I had no luck, but like stated good plans on internet.

The question is with the dimensions be the same for Belize as for North America are the bats the same bats

There are a variety of bats in Belize the Ones we had in the roof in the house in Belmopan were locally known as rat bats and were the size of small rats with the wings. but some varieties are smaller but the larger varieties are usually very close to river banks. We got a person to remove ours Humanely he removed them to a spot about a mile down the road. H
having secured the roof space we left a sort of half hut half roof erection (not used for anything else) on the land about 250 yards from the house and there seem to be bats in there now. Before we ever knew the bats were there we noticed the absence of Mozzies round the house.   You do not want them within your dwelling as the guano can be toxic to humans.  we got a up tick in the Mozzies for a couple of months immediately after removal but back to virtually Zero again. Not all bat removers remove the bats alive some use gas poison so need to check that if you need help.

Would a standard North American bat house work for at least some of the species in Belize

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