Mennonite homes

Hey everyone does anyone know current prices on Mennonite homes? Everything i find is from years ago, has anyone recently bought one? Any advice you have? Thanks in advance!!

Linda Vista has an email: lvly[at], or their phone number is 823-0257. Not sure if email is current but phone number is, as it is in the 2014 phone book.
I'm sure they'd be happy to send you an updated list if the one on their website is not current.

I visited the Mennonite homes in the Spring of 2013.  They of made of very basic construction ranging from $15,000 to $40,000 US.  The interior has wood paneling on the walls and includes cabinets in the kitchen.  They are not for me but then again my husband built custom homes in Aspen and Vail Colorado.  But it is an inexpensive option and they will move and set it up for you.  Hope this is helpful.  Jude

I just went to their site because I have decided to buy a mennonite house to put on my property while we are building instead of renting for a year. About the same cost but I will have a ready built guest house.
the prices are actually in BZ $, and range from$5k - $12k for 'shells',  and $17k-40k for finished houses.

They Really are the best way to go. I was thinking about doing earthbag building right off the rip but, This is way easier to have something quick and functionable. Not to mention  they can be moved anywhere. Thanks guys for the replys  : :proud

My wife and I considered earth-bag building, but I got to thinking, why not do like the Mayans and use rock instead. The process is otherwise basically the same. Certainly would be sturdier, and I would never have to worry about water turning my house to mud in a catastrophe. My mennonite house will be my temporary home, then a guest house on my property.

We went to three mennonite prefab home builders. With two of them you could get just the shell (floor, walls, roof). The walls were not finished. With the third you could then have them put in the roughed in plumbing, electrical, insulation, and choose between two kinds of wall board (one being gyp rock).

As it ended up we went with the builder that would finish up the house. We got cabinets made elsewhere (as they did not offer that to us). We have moved in. We enjoy it much more than our garage we were living in. Certainly it is not a North American quality home, but we didn't pay that much for it either. I give high marks to Scott and Linda Vista. He is great to work with. Just plan for the house to take longer than they say. The supply chain in Belize is very fragile and many things can derail the time line. Having said that, how often does construction get done on time in Canada, or the USA.

I'm in Austin now working with some people who build earthbag tiny homes and was thinking of doing the same in Belize, however I too want to research the Minnonite homes more thouroughly...will they ship to Caye Caulker?

Sorry to resurrect an old thread.  Those Mennonite houses look cool.

I'm thinking it is pretty difficult to a get a mortgage in Belize.  I expected we'd have to just pay cash for the land.  Are the Mennonite home sales 'cash only' too?

I imagine one can get a mortgage somehow but its probably just easier to plan on not doing it that way.


You can get access to money at much lower interest rates than in Belize. The rates in Belize for mortgages are credit card rates elsewhere. If you are just moving into Belize you will have no banking history here either. Plan on paying cash for everything in Belize.

As far as I am aware, none of the Mennonite builders will construct homes off the mainland. I may be wrong, and there may be one that does, but Linda Vista and Plett's both state "NO" on their website. I imagine you could get them to build it, and you could transport it, and then erect it, on the caye of your choice.
Linda Vista takes 1/2 the $ when ordered, and the remainder prior to erection on your site. The other Mennonite builders probably have a similar arrangement, but unsure of the specifics.

Somewhere I have heard that It usually takes longer to make and deliver the houses than builders tell you. I have recently been told by Linda Vista Builders that it would be between 6-8 months to delivery after your 1/2 down is paid. Can any one tell me if this time frame they gave me seems like it is accurate?

At the moment all the mennonite builders are booked up for best part of a year at least. Maybe it is the sudden popularity of small houses, or simply the idea you can get a house built without all the worry of personally overseeing the construction. Whatever the reason Yes the wait lists really are that long. One mennonite told me he cant get to building the house for his Daughter as they are so busy. But he has to build it for her wedding next summer.

There are plenty of other local builders who will build on your land a very simple house of similar construction we had a very simple wooden house built last year by a recommended builder it took about 4 months start to finish and came in at a very similar cost to the mennonite offerings for similar size, but ours was on Concrete posts as longer lasting than Wooden ones.

The Mennonites who built my home on the lot overran their time by 3 months.  My house is 30' wide x 45' long with 2 8' x 45' covered porches front and back.  If you live in Corozal, you can get an idea if you look at lot #40 in Mayan Seaside out by Smugglers Cove.  The total time was 8 months.


I am new to this community (and hopefully soon to be a new property owner in BZ), and was wondering who your local builder was (and where he is located)? I am also interested in concrete pilings and posts when I build.

Thank you!

Hi hope this was meant for me we Used Mr Amilio Coc from San Jose Succotz, he doesn't  like to travel too far from his home base, he built our house in the Belmopan area. started mid may 2014 and my son moved in start of august same year. I had seen some of his work at the Trek stop resort in Succotz where he built all the cabins for them also I saw a two building house he built in Bullet tree. His work is solid and well made but he doesn't do a lot in the way of what you may consider cosmetic  finishings. we were looking for quick and simple so the finishing aspect we have done over the period since. i.e. puting up the internal boards on the Outside walls and painting. We also went with screens and shutters instead of windows and have found them effective in the climate.  If you need a little more info send a private message i can send a couple of photos taken during the building process.

Yes, I went with screens and shutters as well and have no regrets for having done it.  Should have installed even more, but what I have is good.  Skylights would have been a good idea for my place, too.  I'm in the Consejo area.

Hi,  terrific, yes,  it was meant for you.  My apologies for not being specific in addressing you,  I didn't know the thread here didn't nest replies. :)

Thank you very much for the information. I will need to find a reputable builder in Stann Creek, maybe get the concrete work done independently.  We are interested in a very simple  but well-built home. I love the idea of screens and shutters. I'm certainly not moving all that way to do things the way I do them here in the North. ;)

Kind regards,

nice to hear it. There are some folk who just think they can come to Belize to live the life they have in there home land but on the cheap. Belize is a wonderful place so long as you don't expect it to be like anywhere you have lived before.

We are thinking about building a Mennonite home on our lot and will use it as guest house after we have built our main house.  When you said finished house for $17K-$40K, does it include water, electricity, septic tank, etc..?
Thank you

Would you mind sharing as how much is the total cost of your house including utilities (water and electrical hookup) and septic system.
Thank you

The Menonites will wire up the house with lights and sockets and put in the plumbing pipes but that is all you have to get the electric  connection sorted for yourself, either solar or mains. As for the the Septic and soak away and water supply, rain water tanks or Mains if you live in a supply area, you will have to get those done yourself. If you get a local builder they will do all  except connect to the solar or mains electricity supply.  Which have to be done by the BEL or your soar company (we used Pro solar from Belmopan and have been happy with them for the last 18 monthsPlus)

Thank you for your prompt reply.
We really appreciated.

As to costings the original house 1000sq ft on 9 ft concrete posts with a small 10X10 block room built underneath to house the utilities/solar batteries with septic soakaway,  one smallish water storage tank and water pump. came in around 50k Belize$ the solar was an additional 10k. Since then we have added a second larger water storage tank and had another 400 sq feet of the underhouse blocked for additional storage and a second bathroom  and a small gas tankless water heater at an additional cost of about 15kBelize dollars. This house will be our sons house as we have just started the building of our Retirement house. the estimate for this house done to our basic design is $150k Belize all in, fully finished. Our only additional cost will be the costs of water storage tanks, and BEL costs to connect.

Thank you Terrific for the info

Agreed, great specific information about building costs, and very helpful. We have a similar plan to Terrific, but also in the Stann Creek district. We hope to start our road in May, and enlist a builder soon after. Although we had planned to use Linda Vista for our initial house, we may look for another qualified builder, since they are 6 mo to a year  out to completion.


I am purchasing property in Corozal area and would like to know what Mennonite builder you chose. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Who built the home for you on the island that was similar to the pre fab houses?

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