Long term rental in the Dangriga/Hopkins Village area

I'm trying to find a website for long term housing rentals in  the Dangriga/Hopkins area, and I've come up with nothing.  I would like to have a furnished 2 bedroom house, condo, or apartment at a reasonable price.  If anyone out there knows of a website featuring that area, or know of any rentals in that area, I would appreciate you letting me know.   Thanks

Unfortunately, Kimincc, there isn't a website for long-term rentals in that area. Most people find their homes there by referral/word of mouth. You could also check with some realtors in the area - they may know of some.

I've also heard this place is available as a long-term rental:

Good luck!

Thanks Wealthships, I e mailed the site that you sent to me.  My intention was to go down there and walk around and talk with the locals.  That has helped a few times in the past.  If those approaches don't work, I'll then contact a Realtor.  Your information was very helpful.

You're quite welcome - good luck!

Hi, I know of a duplex beachfront rental, fully furnished 3 bedroom on great beach, but it is $1500 a month. Most rentals here in Hopkins are vacation rentals and command $1500 weekly if they are on the beach.

I live in a beautiful home at the end of commerce bight road in Dangriga, the property features two bedrooms two bathroom located in each bedroom, open floor plan allows for great entertainment ,closeness and relaxation. This house is fully fenced in with a barbed wire added to the rear  fence of the home for extra security. The home also features a beautiful large heart shaped ( naturally) pond that is a home for small fish, turtles, small crabs and other entertaining sights. Our dogs swim in the pond to cool off, I can't tell you how cute it is.
We have a bit over 1/3 acre, an outdoor shower and tap upstairs on the beautiful wrap around balcony on the second level. The cistern water that collects from the rain is our main source of drinking water and it is plentiful and delicious ( in Belize we call it "nice")
The property is beautifully landscaped from front to back and all around. Very little  is needed. To maintain, nothing!! Everything here grows without any help.
There is a small vegetable garden, the tenant may feel free to use it at will.
The kitchen is spacious with a propane stove/oven. Easily filled down the road. The propane lasts about 2 months with constant use. 3 or 4 if cooking less or using bbq.
There are security bars on the windows as well as hurricane shutters, and the house was only built 3 1/2 years ago.
This house is a must see as you wake up every morning to a view of the sea. There is a second/3rd floor observation deck as well as the wrap around veranda, that is incredible for the 360 degree views, which include the mayan mountains, the town of Hopkins, the pier, and the bird sanctuary, which also secures that this is the last property on the street. You will never have neighbors to the left of the house. You have been given the wrong info to date. We are living in a beautiful home near town in Dangriga and are interested in a long term tenant. The rent is $160.00 per month the tenant pays current and water bill, cable was installed at a cost of $4000.00 to the owner but owner will allow you use of the internet and cable available. Also very cooling fans in every room!


"The rent is $160.00 per month"

Is this a typo??????

I'd be very interested and surprised if the information is correct for this property.

I too am.Wondering if that's.A  $160.00 per month rental.Nothing is really That far if your in.The Stann Creek Area.

Your place sounds interesting. We are a military (Canadian) couple retiring soon and looking to move to Bz. Looking for long term rental(2-3years)
Is your rate $160/month U.S?
Would you have some pictures and what exactly it includes.
Marc Fournier

Marc that ad must have a typo or someone is playing a joke because I was just there for 18 days and in Belize there is nothing at that price in  2014 maybe in 1914.

Like the good Ol saying;
If it looks too good to be true.......!

I have been looking for the same thing. I have been asking places that offer a nightly or weekly rate for a long term or monthly rate. The rates have been a lot cheaper than the weekly rates. So try that.

Hello, I realize your post was in 2013, I'm hoping your home is still available for rent.  I understand your looking for longterm however, would you consider 28 day rental during the month of Jan. 2016.  Also, are the utilities included?  If not about how much a month for Utilities?

@ Meloni > It would be best if you can drop an ad for your search in the category that suits you the best in the Housing in Belize section. :)



Have you tried and

Hi Kim, I am looking for the same and having trouble also- maybe we could chat and see if we could share a place together or share housing leads- my name is Kevin and I am a clean single man.  Thank you and have a good day, Kevin

We may need to talk to you about this house as we will be looking for a long-term rental in about 1-1/2 years when we start building our house up on the Coastal Rd.  can you forward email info?
Jeff and Nikki

Hi, your property sounds like a property my husband and I would probably it available for long term rental anytime soon? Since we are in Corozal, we could plan to meet and check out the property...that is if it is available any time soon. Thank you for reading our post...
Cecilia Moler

sorry I am looking too not offering but I will keep you in mind if I find something I do not want- please keep me in mind if you find something you do not want- or maybe we could share a place together?  My name is Kevin from Canada.

will be glad to share any info pertinent to you!

me too - thanks- good luck!

Hello! I would love to have more info about this 160$ a month house!!! We are looking for something for 3 to 5 months starting Jan 2017!

I have been checking out rentals on and for Belize. It looks like there are reasonable prices out there and a lot of them offer cheaper long-term rates. My husband and I are planning a trip for February/March 2016 to come do some on the ground research about buying property in the future. I hope that helps!

question for ya
is the house in the Hopkins area and do they still rent it out?


I am interested in a few days or a week to rent a room. I'm on vacation from a hectic schedule in the States. Would like to explore the area and enjoy the sites. I'm on foot and coming in by bus. Travelling light. Is this possible or do you have any suggestions for a safe place to stay. I don't smoke or drink, just a nature enthusiast.
Regards, Marilyn

Hi my name is Richard A. Williams and I am interested in a very long term rental, possibly even a permanent one depending on your time limitations, if any. I'm well educated, have USD income and could and have built numerous residential and commercial buildings myself. I design and build and know EVERYTHING about all the construction trades from A-Z. Thank you very much, Rick Williams

In what part of Belize did you want to land?  Where  are you from (what currency?)

I am a single guy looking to move to Belize in Jan or feb.  Not sure of the exact area but would love on the beach or at least a good view of the beach so I can walk there easily.  I will be relocating my business essential there and will be hiring a few locals.  The business is all outside of Belize and I have a consultant assisting me with all of that.  Would love to hear from,people about the areas to live in and some rentals available.  At least 2 bedroom.  I will be in Belize Nov 8th to 16th and would love to meet with people who are familiar with things.  Thanks in advance,  Robert

I am planing on moving down to Hopkins.  I am looking for a place for anywhere from 2 months to 6 months. I really need a rental from around January 20th to to at least March 20th, 2016.   Any suggestions? I am from NYC and will be bringing my 2 litter trained cats.  My son will be staying with me for short period when his University is on holiday.  I have tried vrbo, frbo, and numerous other sites but everything seems to be $1,500+.  Need something a little less, 1 or 2 bedrooms in Hopkins or as close as possible.
I look forward to any replies.


My name is TJ.  My fiancee' and I will be moving to Belize around the beginning of 2017.  Will this property be available at that time or do you know of any other similar properties?  Thank you for your time and assistance.

Kind regards,

My trip is not solidly planned but in prep. stage. I will not be vacationing but would like to find a place to stay while I volunteer for local charity. I will come down whenever they need, right now the plan is September or October and stay as long as I am useful. I prefer to live simply and give more to the charity I am working with; so a simple room with a bed, access to a fridge, a fan, and a warm shower. Access to internet is always nice but never expected. NO expectation of free meals or lodging, I pay as I go and provide my own transportation funds.

If you know of a volunteer opportunity and a place to stay nearby I would love to hear about it. Please send me a private message.

My degree from the United States is in Criminal Justice and Sociology and I have worked for many years as a State Parole/Probation Officer and in Case Management for juveniles as well as adults. My most recent (and favorite) employment was as an Animal Control Officer. Each of these come with additional training in their respective fields. My passions are learning local culture, animals causes, and environmental management. I don't mind cleaning kennels and beaches, assisting vets/vet techs, help with event planning, grooming animals, walking dogs, whatever the organization might need. I also have some building skills for repairs of homes and fences. Though I have never worked in an orphanage, I would be willing to help out there as well. Dog sitting/house sitting in a private home would be ok too. Whatever you need. 

Again, please Message me with details or to ask questions. Thanks to all.

For all youw wish you might need a work permit.
I would advise you to search what is the legality and what you can do in Belize.
Working even as a volunteer requests work permits for the most..

I just booked Belize. I am going to try and do my first year as a snowbird. I will be there Nov.7 for. Six months. I need somewhere safe as I am alone. My friend lives in that area and was wondering if he could check it out for me. He is going back to Canada in April. Thank you

Did I do this wrong. New at this

I have a 2 bedroom seaview In sittee estates Phase 2 if you still have not found any thing $850 US plus utilities.

in this forum For rent : house by the sea
It has all the pics etc but you need more information please email    ***
THank you and it is available now

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I will be in Belize for the winter. First year of being a snowbird. Will be arriving mid Nov 2017  and leaving end of April 2018. I am on my own am an young retiree. Would I possibly have something available?
Thank you

I do not want to leave it empty. I have it advertised to rent now so no idea if it will be available for November and that is a short term rental.  Message back in late summer
THank you


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