Living Aboard A Sailboat in Belize

Currently my husband and I have lived aboard our sailboat for the past year. We are considering sailing the boat to Belize to live there as retired people (QRP). We need help with selecting a suitable location for a 36 foot sailboat with a 4 and 1/2 foot draft.
Thanks for any suggestions.
We plan to visit Belize in August this year to check out different locations and situations before we bring the boat.

Hello and welcome to the forum! You will find a lot of information here.
The Sittee River Marina, a few miles south of Hopkins, can accomodate your vessel. They have a number of options for berths, and can handle at least a 10 ft draft, and I believe up to about 100' ft length. There is power, etc. Nice little place, great little bar, decent 'bar food' and cold beer. You would probably prefer this over Belize City. Placencia might also be a possibility.
Good luck in your quest!

Thank you for the information. We will certainly visit the 2 sites you mentioned. Also I'll check out the closest town to the Sittee River Marina. Your thoughts have been very helpful.

Hopkins is really the closest town to the Sittee River Marina - a laid-back, coastal beach community with lots of hotels, resorts, and shops. Some good dining as well.
Placencia has a larger marina and is a larger 'resort' town. More options here, but pretty far south. It will just depend on your needs ands desires.
There are also small marinas on a number of the cayes, including Ambergris, and also near Corozal in the north.

As karenjoe said, the Sittee River Marina is a very nice place, with a great restaurant and bar. I have driven there from Placencia for lunch several times. The staff there have adopted a large Crocodile that swims across the river in the afternoon into a shallow pen where they feed it a few chickens. Very entertaining to watch them and the reactions of first time patrons from the restaurant deck.  :D

On the Placencia peninsula there are now three very nice marinas on the lagoon side. Moorings and Roberts Grove are located about 6 miles North of Placencia Village itself and there is now a new one just to the North of the Village, sorry I can't recall the name. 

On the Caribbean side there is the Placencia Marina about 13 miles North of the Village. I have never been there, but here is information. … p;Itemid=1

At the very end of Placencia peninsula is a sheltered harbor that many transit sailors drop anchor in. There is a public pier, and  "Yoli's Over Da Water Bar & Grill" has a dinghy dock and is a big time favorite watering hole.  Yoli's Sunday Barbecue is an absolute must for any boaters, expats and many locals. Perhaps we will meet there sometime.

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