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Does anyone down there know a good local house designer we can contact?  We have ideas and there are several builders we have found and talked to, but we would like to find a local architect that can design to our needs for our land.  Anything in BC or Belmopan/San Ignacio is fine.

If you need an architect, I would recommend:

Sheldon Mahung
Mahung+Partners Ltd
40 Macaw Avenue. Belmopan, Belize

Try Global Standard Design Group...   chris[at]
You can google them as well. Great designs, fun to work with ..

we  can recomend Alex Lasseter in Belmopan he is dutch been here for many years and knows his way round everything they now require at the government offices.

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It would be great help to other members if you could recommend some professionals in our business directory :
>Architects in Belize

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Looking for a reputable builder in Corozal.

What are you looking for in regards to size, features and finish out.  I am not an architect but have designed a few houses over the years.  Have one under construction at the moment just outside of Sarteneja.

I can also get you in touch with the builder that we are working with.

I could use some help with design myself, I just bought two lots up north. We will be hiring local labor/builder and will manage/work also. ANY help is appreciated, at home I get handed blueprints and we execute. This is going to be a bit different so I need some help with a lot plan etc.

I actually have a preliminary set drawn by an architect in the US its 1200 sq. ft. one story wood sided metal roof.  Looking to speak with a few contractors in the Corozal region too.  I intend on coming to Corozal in February so I hope to set this up prior to departure.  There is a draftsman I have been emailing but he tells me he works specifically with concrete structures in Corozal.   Any help well appreciated.

If be happy to do what I can to help.  Where are you building,?
What are you wanting, size, amenities, etc?

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This is the APAB's website:

Thank you Brigitte.

Good Morning,

   Rather than generate multiple messages for the same information, we are also looking for an architect in Corozal.  As you post was a few months back, I would be very interested in any results that might have popped up for you that you wouldn't mind sharing.
   We are four years out from retiring and moving, and should have our property selected and paid for within the next few months ... being able to start the conversation early with an architecture for that area would be fantastic.

   If you wouldn't mind sharing what you find out - thank you so much,


okay - NOW the full thread shows up ... all sorts of good info - that you for the 'Architects of Belize' website' ...

Narmani55 :

Good Morning,
   We are four years out from retiring and moving, and should have our property selected and paid for within the next few months ... ,


Perhaps I missed it, but have you lived/rented for several months in the area you are going to buy in, or anywhere else in Belize? 

I believe that not doing so is a major reason so many expats give up on Belize and return home or move elsewhere during their first two years.

Thanks for the note - we lived in Panama during the 90's and had many opportunities to visit and stay in Belize over the years.  I've always wanted to get further north than Belize City, so this summer we drove up to Corozal and had the chance to tour around and look at properties.

It didn't tale long to realize it would be the right decision for us!

Thanks again ...

Great, hope it all works for you!!

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