What is your favorite Thai food?

Any Thai food that can make you ask for more??

If you are in Thailand then you should not miss Phat Thai. It is a thin rice noodles that is stir fried with eggs, tofu and shrimps and seasoned with fish sauce, sugar, vinegar, tamarind and dry chilli. I would recommend you to definitely try this. Its so tasty. Now I am missing Thai food very much, but got to know about Moon Thai Weston a Thai and Japanese food restaurant in Florida. Will see it will match upto the mark or not.

After many years in Asia I have no marked preference, just like all Thai food.... :top:

A dish I love is from the chang mai area and this is called Khao Soi Chicken and this dish has the following

Chicken on the bone
A hot (ish) curry style soup base which is like a thick sauce
Soft noodles
On top of the above they finnish the dish with crunchy noodles

For me this is the best dish and I spent many hours on the Internet trying to find places to eat this dish in bangkok. It is not easy to find but I am leaving bkk shortly so my advice where to eat this as follows.

1. Ching cha at emporium shopping centre
Nice place nice staff bit expensive but worth it. My favourite place for this dish and easy to find.
- get off at BTS prom phong look for sign in BTS for Emporium which is connected to BTS by bridge. Go upto homewares/food restaurants and I'd say it's in the middle. I been visiting that place for over a year so I doubt it will move anytime soon but you never know. Aprox 250 THB for that dish.

Problem with this dish is you get an urge for it so be warned khao soi is for life:-)

There are other places too like kanom in thonglor but I recommend ching cha. Also a restaurant at don muang airport serve it. It's ok I'd eat it everytime I'm there for a flight but I would not go there just for the food.

I love a spicy penang too and some laarb I like it hot but I draw the line at somtam/papaya salad that is way too spicy for me.

I'm so in love with most of Thai dishes because of the balance of spices they use whenever do their cooking. I certainly love their green curry, and of course the so famous Pad Thai and Tom Yum. I've came across to some of the top dishes here … n-bangkok/ but I am only familiar with Pad Thai and Tom Yum, while for the rest of the dishes I will try out soon.

I could eat Thai food every day and probably never get tired of it. Nuea pad prik, Tom yum gai, Tom Kha Gai and Khao Pad Horapa are my favs. Unfortunately, there are ZERO Thai food places in Romania  :sosad: , so I'm left to try to cook them myself...which is always disappointing.


If you are in Bangkok, i would like to recommend some famous taste in Bangkok: -
Pad Thai
Spring Rolls
Red Pork Noodle Soup (Kuay Teow Moo Daeng)
Kai Jeow
Pad Kra Pao
Som Tum (Spicy Green Papaya Salad)
Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)

Wow this thread is already old but I do love Thai food. I worked for a couple of years in Phitsanulok and Songkhla and a short while in Hat Yai and have always loved Thai food since then. I guess my favourites are the best known; spring rolls, red curry, green curry chicken, chicken in pandan leaves, green papaya salad, phat thai, pineapple fried rice and tom yum. All of it delicious.

Only managed to find one good Thai restaurant where I now live in Indonesia but it tastes authentic.

Pad thai absolutely! Makes my mouth water every time. I especially love the pad thai made by Black Canyon, it's absolutely delicious!

Som tum and tom yum goong are my favorites!

So much I long as I can taste the food and not only chili.

My wife makes a pork stuffed squid that I think is tremendous.  She "chops" the lean pork loin herself, adds garlic and black pepper. She stuffs this in fresh squid and makes a soup with green onions, cilantro and a little Chinese celery.

In my die for.

Also, bamboo curry is high on my list.  I don't get it very often but relish it when I do.

All and any Thai food but especially tom yum goong.

I like quite a few Thai dishes, but if I narrowed it down to 3: Tom Zaab, Pad kra pao neua saab, and larb moo (mai sai hom daeng).

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