Commuting to Valletta

I'm considering a job in Valletta and wondered what the commute is like from surrounding areas? If I don't want to spend much more than half an hour on the bus (each way) where is it feasible to stay? Thanks

Have you ever visited Malta? If not ot may be a good idea to do so before you commit to a job

If you haven't been to Malta before, you might underestimate the traffic situation, and the congetstion at rush hour... Yes, it is a small island, so everything's quite close, BUT in rush hour everything comes to a standstill... Last time we were in Malta (last February) it took us more than one hour to get from Gzira to the Airport in Luqa - that's about 7 kilometres, google maps says it takes about 12 minutes. But it was 8 in the morning, and everyone was trying to get to work - we barely caught our flight!

I'd suggest checking out some live webcams to get an idea of the traffic at rush hour; there are some on skylinewebcams .com, or just google "live webcam valletta"...

If you want a commute of no more than 30 mins you have these options:

1. Get a motorbike/scooter. Pros are that you can filter through traffic and park for free in Valletta. Cons are the danger and the inconvenience of riding in the rain/summer heat.
2. Live in one of the towns adjacent to Valletta. They are not particularly pretty.
3. Check if your employer is willing to let you start and finish work earlier than everyone else e.g. working from 7-3 instead of 8-4. You'd be surprised how big a difference it will make. I know people who do this and it works very well for them.

Commute by ferry from Sliema or the 3 cities ;-)

(Service esp. on the Sliema side is prone to cancellations though in case of bad weather, and in winter they stop running quite early (7 pm, ok for commuting but not for evening activities), which is an absolute shame because it is by far the easiest and most pleasant way to get to Valletta!!)

Very good suggestion nilonilo. Completely forgot about that service. 3 cities would be better than sliema since felinefine is after somewhere quiet.

Yea I know someone who lives in Senglea (??) and commutes to Valletta by ferry or something like that. No idea how long it takes though or how convenient that is.

Ferries run every half hour, crossing takes 10 minutes.

I wouldn't define Cottonera (the 3 cities) as somewhere quiet, people tend to be very loud, although i guess we're rather unlucky in our street (in Bormla), there certainly are quieter spots, and the whole area has a certain charm, as opposed to Sliema, which I personally can't stand :D Although it can be very gritty too, and I understand it's not for everybody.

I know this is an old thread, but it is probably best not to open a new one for the exact same topic.

I got a great job in Valletta and I am considering my options for accommodation. I have only been to Malta twice, so I am not completely ignorant but not exactly knowledgeable either.

Based on Google maps, you can reach Valletta by just about everywhere in 30'. Although I am used to traffic, I would rather limit my travel time to 30-35' by car. With that in mind, what would be the furthest I could go?

Any suggestions? I would really appreciate your input although I do plan on arriving a week early to test the waters before committing to an apartment.

Depends a lot on your working hours. If you can work from, say, 7am - 3pm you will spend much less time in traffic than if you were to work from 8-4. Is your employer flexible about this matter?

My employer sports core/flex hours, but I would rather know the travel time (actually accessible regions within 30-35' car travel time) for normal 9-5 business hours.

its normal to not move at all for 30 minutes quite often, so I suggest you live next to your office.

So back to realistic questions, if you dont want to travel more than 30 minutes at peak time, suggest you look in the areas directly adjacent to where you want to live

I'm with Volcane on this one, especially now.  Walking distance in that case - Valletta, Floriana.
Not sure if 3 cities would work with travel by ferry as never took one and do not know how long it realistically takes

Hmmm, if the traffic is almost unbearable at peak times, maybe I should consider flexy after all   :)

Thank you for your help.

So, what are the more lively cities close to Valletta? Somewhere you do not feel as completely isolated and cut-off from civilization!

I think there are ferry connections to sliema which is a lively enough place. Otherwise you will have to make do with msida,  ta xbiex or pieta and travel by road....can cycle to work if you like when weather conditions allow.

Feeling cut off from civilization isn't an option in Malta, you'll wish it was :)

I live in Mosta it's nice, Naxxar is nice, Balzam is nice - lots of nice place, depends what you want.  Most expats - it seems so anyway - live in Sliema/St Julians

Ferries win every time - reliable, economic and scenic.
So, Sliema - Valletta (live in Sliema? too expensive Maybe  in Gzira, Msida, parts of Pieta and walk to the ferry) or 3 cities with the ferry to Valletta. Bit cut off from everywhere else.
Good luck!

When I worked in Sliemalast year  the ferry would often not work due to wind/rough water.

Yandr, if I were you, I'd try to find a place as close to your work as possible. Commuting to Valletta or anywhere in Malta is extremely stressful, no matter if you use car, bus or bike. While prices  in Valletta are pretty high nowadays for good apartments, it's worth spending a bit more to live in Valletta and saving a lot of stress.

Hmmm, it seems people are really fed up with traffic in Malta. Going from Sliema to the airport last July took at least 1,5 hours but I thought I was unlucky. Plus I started well in advance so I did not have the panic look everyone else had.

Unless you guys are part of a conspiracy to persuade me not to bring yet another car to the island :D

Thank you all for your valuable input.

Unfortunately, heavy traffic is the sad reality : … jam.627210

And it is just going to get worse. Every quarter there are 5000 new cars in Malta (already deducting the scrapped old ones) and there is no concept whatsoever how to solve the problem.
So a short commute, alternative ways of transport or work from home are a must for good quality of living.

Why not Valletta itself? Certainly more beautiful than Sliema and esp. Gzira, Msida ...

If not, try somewhere within walking/cycling distance, or with a ferry connection. (the Cottonera ferry is less subject to cancellations than the Sliema one).

I live in Valletta and work in Ta'Xbiex, I commute using the ferry to Sliema and a 15 minutes walk and I am at work. If traffic/congestion is a problem, you will have to do a bit of walking which is not bad at all.

You can't go wrong with living in Valletta (It's becoming quite pricey quickly though)

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