Hand picking Border Terrier


We recently moved to Malta with our dog, which is a border terriër. His coat needs to be groomed (handpicked) every 3 to 6 months. Do you know of there is a groomer at Malta who does the handpicking?


Do you mean hand-stripping?

If so I have never heard of it being done in Malta.

This is a link to dog groomers in Malta, try ringing around but be aware that the Maltese will probably say they can do it even, if they never have. … s/groomers


Hi I am a dog groomer and do hand -stripping as well. I've moved recently from the UK where I had quite a few border terriers for hand stripping. I live in Mellieha, where are you base?

Thanks for the replies.. yes, I ment hand stripping.
Lily-groom, sounds good! I'll send you a pm.


I also have a border terrier and I'm moving from Ireland to Malta soon! I'm wondering if you were able to find a groomer that provides hand stripping? I'd really appreciate if you could share it with me :) I was not able to find Lilly grooming website/Facebook page anywhere. Thanks!

Hi Suryf,

I'm sorry for my late reply. So nice that you are coming to Malta with a border terriër as well! Haven't seen any of them here.. When are you planning on coming?

Yes, I went to Lilya once, and she was very good. But when I wanted to make a new appointment after 6 months I found out she left Malta unfortunately..

I now let him strip at the daycare where he goes once a week (when you are looking for a place for your dog to play and swim all day with other dogs this daycare is a really good place by the way! They come and pick-up the dog in the morning and bring him home in the afternoon. My dog loves it!).

This is their website:
And the one who is stripping my dog is called Gabriela.

If you have any other questions (even if it's not about your dog) please let me know!

That's excellent to know! My dog goes to a dog daycare from Monday to Friday since he is a 2 months old puppy! I am so happy to know that this option is also available in Malta and that the girls know how to groom a border terrier. We are moving in the end of October! Hopefully our dogs can meet :)

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