Spanish girl looking for english speakers for make new friends :)

Hey what's up there! I'm a spanish 25 years old girl living in Madrid. I've passed my last year living in France improving my french and now I'd like to improve my english too! I'm back here so I'd like to meet english speaking people from all around the world :). It would be easier if they are around my age. Maybe we can grab for a coffee, I can show you Madrid and have nice plans around the city. Don't be shy and let's meet up!

Hi, I come across your  post and yes I am so interested in meeting people. I am originally from Philippines, and now living in Belgium. I will travel to Spain on  15th of October for 4 days and would love to see the city, visiting Spain is one of my dreams since I was in grade school as we had been colonized by the Spaniards for a long time. so most of  our culture and religion values was brought by Spaniards, I am specifically traveling to Madrid. I wish we can have a chat over a  coffee or something. :)

Ok I'm English teacher & I know English very well so tell when should I come or u come to tenerife


thank you for the reply. I like Spanish language too, I don't know why but I find it special. I'm planning to watch a flamenco show, I'm not sure if you would be interested to watch it too, I guess possible time to meet up is early evening or late afternoon considering that you worked. I will pm you my whatsapp so we can communicate when I arrive if that's fine for you.



I have just moved to Madrid from the UK and would really love to meet some people! I can help you with your English 😊 let me know when you want to meet up!

Lucy x

Ok I'm ready

no thank u i know and spanish

Hello everyone,

Can you please drop the name of the member to whom your message is intended to in your posts ?

So that everybody can follow the conversation  ;)

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Hi Bhavna,
I hope you are well, my response  was originally  intended for reyeskaitos on her post :) apologies for confusion it may cause.  in a way it could be for anyone who would be in Madrid around the same time I will  be going there. I would love to meet local or fellow traveler and explore the City of Art: Madrid.


Hi Lucy
Saw your post about moving from the uk a few weeks ago, I've just moved from Ireland and arrived in madrid on Monday. If you fancy a chat or a coffee I'd be happy to meet up
Talk soon hopefully

Hiya! I am moving from Scotland to Spain in 2 weeks, if anyone is up for a drink, or language exchange!

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Hi , i m french , and english speaker, my spanish level is very poor , I would be glad to join you and other English speaker!

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