Hola Madrid, it would be great to have friends!

Hi! I've just arrived to a village close to Madrid. I'm an au pair and my best friends at the moment are from age 4 to 9 and that's why it would great to meet new people!
So if you want to do something at some point, let me know!
Un beso

Welcome to jnella!

Hope that you'll get a lot of nice contacts here.;)


Hi Jnella,

I'm also new in the city and I would like to have some friends too!! So I hope we can get in touch some time....

Hello Jnella!

I will be moving to Madrid at the beginning of January to be an au pair. I'll also be wanting to make friends so we should hangout sometime! :)


Nice to hear from you! We really should meet when you arrive!:)

Hi! I live in the south of Madrid, I don't know if you have already found someone to show you the city but if you want to go out or to see any places i can help you:)

Hi! That would be really nice if you could show me some places! I get lost so easily, hah:)
So definitely, I'd like that:)


I've been living in a village and working as an au pair quite near to Madrid for a two months now and I'm starting feeling lonely as it's difficult to get to know people here in the village.

So I would really love meet up with someone too :) Contact me if you're interested, jnella and others.

hi all!
im a spanish boy from madrid, i need to improve my english so if you want we can meet in madrid to take a walk and visit typical places here and have a good time :)

hi!! well i´m not an au pair, actually I´m from madrid, i just wanted to say, first of all: welcome, and second to tell you taht if you know any of your friends that is coming to madrid and wants to share flat, i´m looking for an english speaking flatmate, so, if you know anybody in this situation, i would apreciate to inform! thanks and sorry for the mistakes!

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I m from India and in Madrid from last 2 months ,  I dnt know Spanish :( . In search of friends to enjoy...:)
Please reply in case anybody is interested.

Meenakshi (my frens call me Meenu :))

Ups! I really didn't notice, thanks for letting me know! :D
I'll do that:)

Hi Jasminella,

I'm also new to Madrid from Asia.  It'd be good to make a new friend.  You're most welcome to email me at gm.biznet[at] or sms / whatsapp me at +34 606 335 648.

Cheers!  :)


Hello, welcome to Spain.

My name is Gemma, I have 41 years old,but very young spirit.
I'm trying to find work outside of Spain but when do some activity, I'll comment you and if you like you join.
There is a typical Spanish wine bar in Sol, if one day we can get our schedules coincide with that point.
A greeting,

Sure. Luv to make new friends here.



Hi there,

If you are still in Madrid, let me know if you want to go for a coffe or so.


Hey, I'm a 21 year old French student, just moved here for a few months for an internship. If anyone fancies a drink, let me know! xx

Hi i'm spanish from Madrid, female 37, I would like to talk with you in english and spanish. Waiting for your news arquitectocarmen[at]

Hi i am from Ireland and i am here for the summer if you would like to contact me please do!! :)

Anyone interested in meeting i am here for the summer 2013 from Ireland i do not speak spanish! I am looking for someone preferably near loranca, madrid please write soon if you are interested because i am extremely bored thanks. Juliejuliejulie17[at]

Hi Nella?:)

My name is Carmen i live near you in the north of Madrid, Alcobendas. If you want we can have a coffee one day. I'm leaving Madrid in some weeks for some months to study for a researching in denmark. But i can introduce you my sister to have somebody else to talk in english or spanish and to plan something in Madrid.

Please tell me something as soon as possible

Hola a todos. Soy un chico de madrid. Me gustaria conocer gente de otros paises. Estaria encantado. Para este fin de semana, aun no se que dia, voy a quedar con una chica argentina, con un chico ruso y con un chico de senegal. Todos ellos son miembros de esta pagina. Tengo que ver si viene bien el viernes o el sabado.Si alguien mas se quiere apuntar, puede apuntarse, para tomar algo y conocernos. Todo el que se una a este minigrupo, sera bienvenido. Mi correo es juliocesarrm1970[at] por si quereis escribirme a mi correo, OK. Saludos a todos y que tengais una feliz semana :top:;)

@DELFIN70 > you should please write in English in this English speaking forum. Thank you.

Im coming to madrid in two weeks to be an au pair! im 18 and wont know anyone there haha inbox me if youre in a similar situation :)

Hi Meenu,

I too am indian, but have been in BCN, now in Madrid.
So, let's meet up!

Hi Gabriel Sundaram,

Can you please introduce yourself with a few more words as an introduce ? :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

hola .que tal senora.

Hi draakif,

Please write in English only on the Anglophone section of the Madrid forum, for members to read and participate.

Please feel free to post in Spanish on the Hispanophone section of the Foro Madrid. Thank you! :)



Expat-blog team.

Hi. I am also working as an au pair in Madrid and finding it hard to find friends, I would like to meet up.
I am 20 years old and from denmark. I am here in Leganés until march. Please write me or find me on facebook: Marta Katborg Jürgensen.

Hello guys ! I am Karim, I am living in Madrid until June. I come from a Canadian-Tunisian background, I have lived in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and France, speak a few languages, and I would really like to meet new people! Feel free to contact me so that we can discover the city all together, sit for a coffee or have a nice cooking session...

Hola ....en qué parte de ARGENTINA estuviste?

Buenos Aires y trabajaba en Jujuy, pero he aprovechado para conocer Ushuaia, Calafate, Salta y más! Vos de dónde sos?

Hola everyone :)

I'm going to be au pairing in Majadahonda, Madrid this coming summer (mid-June through August). Would love to make some friends before I head over!

We can chat on 632362773 on what's app

i am live in madrid if you want meet [Moderated: Avoid posting personal contact information on public forum.]

Hey all,

I'm Matilda, recruiter at Randstad Sourceright in Hungary, looking for Danish speakers for a role in a multinational company in Spain (Gijon).
Any of you speak Danish? I'd be glad to have a chat with you!
If not, please spread the news to any of your friends in Spain or elsewhere in the world who might be interested :)

Thanks and enjoy your stay in beautiful Spain!


Hi guys I also want to come to Madrid.

Looking forward to do a busiess related internship there. I searched my way through the internet, but since u guys live there maybe u can help me and give me some tips or advises, where or which company to apply to.

I'm doing my Bachelor in International Business Administration and am fluent in German, English and Farsi.

I would apprecaiate it soooo much !!

Hey people... I arrived three weeks ago so I don't have a lot of contacts or friends in the city yet.
I'm living near the center. So I'm in if you're planning to go for some drinks.

Ciao :)


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