Will start as an au pair in january, and would like to meet new people

Hi everybody!

My name is Hanna and I will move to Madrid in the beginning of January, working as an au pair! Is there anyone who wants to meet and hang out or maybe have a cup of coffee?

Hope to hear from you!

Hello Hanna.

Welcome to! :)


Hi Hanna!
I'm Lily from Hungary. I've been here for 3 months now and I will stay until June as an au pair too. How about you?:)) It would be great to meet for a coffee! :)

Hi Lily!
I will arrive to Madrid in January and stay until July! Yes it would really be great to meet! :)

Hi Hanna

I'm Connie from England and I've been in Madrid since July of this year. I am staying in Madrid until June as an au pair. It would be good to meet for a coffee sometime.

Which part of Madrid are you going to be moving to in January?

Hello Hanna!

I am also moving to Madrid in January to be an au pair.
Would be great to meetup and share our first impressions :)

Feel free to add me on skype: marielle.verret

Hi Marielle!

It would be great to meet up when we both arrive to Spain! I will add you on skype! :)

Hi Hanna:) I live in the south of Madrid but I'm not from here and I know it's difficult when you don't know anybody!so if you want to know a bit of Madrid I can help you!

Hi Nikol3!

That sounds great and would be really nice of you! :)

Hi Hanna! I have also just moved to Madrid and am working as an au pair! I would love to meet up for coffee! :)

Hi Hanna!
I'll also be in Madrid as an au pair, in a couple weeks time. If you, or anyone else is interested in meeting up, let me know. :)

Hi Hanna!

My name is Elia, I am 26 years old and I am Spanish. I am living in Madrid because I am studying here and "purusing a job" (hahahaha).

I am studying at British Council Madrid Adults and I love English, to me It Will be a pleasure to hang around with you -as soon as you want-.

I just love UK and I would like to meet people from there! I can help you also with your Spanish if you promise me to help me to improve my English!

Looking forward to hearing form you.

Warm Regards,


Hi All,

I am in Madrid since Nov ... m here till May...

was searching for some gud grens 2 njoy next few months in Madrid :)

Plz reply if we can meet... :)

Yes why not.i live in mostoles madrid and u? Where r u living in madrid?? And tel me we can talk on facebook? ?


Hello i arrived in Madrid two weeks as an Au pair im originally from Ireland. I would love to meet up sometime :)

Hi Everyone,
I am Joanne from Australia, living in Madrid as a student until june.
It would be lovely to meet some english speaking girls over a coffee :)
Please feel free to message me.

Hi Hanna and welcome to Madrid,

My name is Gemma, my English is not very good but I would not mind being a coffee, wine or stroll through the withdrawal of Madrid, etc and remember you are not alone. My email is gemabaile[at]

Hi there,

I would like to make new friends and up for a coffee any day after 6pm Mon-Fri or any time Sat & Sun.

Hope to hearing from you


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