Offer letter from Hamad medical Hospital

Hi Guys,
Though its bit old now but just wana know that did any of you got offer letter from HMC,i also been interviewed in Nov 2015, then new point of contact then couple of emails and after that nothing despite I emailed them few times.
Anyone got any further response or information?

Hi Guys,

Any update on above discussion? Does any of you have any further progress? Please do share.



I have received the offer letter on Last Oct 2015,and all the relevant documentations I have done and now waiting for their confirmation.for last couple of month do not have any communication from Point of contact. And the worst part is I already resign from the my Job based on their confirmations, now god only can save me.

Dear Concern,

HMC will be sending you directly the Offer Letter and the Agency has been doing follow-up!!!!

Hi everyone, i just had interview with HMC last dec1, then they emailed me dec4 to send scanned documents. i still don't know if i passed the interview. i emailed HMC, then they replied that if anything sure they will email me.

Better way is to call directly.

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