finding a lawyer in nairobi

Hi guys
My wife is a kenyan  . who is trying to contact her fathers lawyer apparently the lawyer does work for unicef in nairobi
i have emailed several times to unicef and asked them to forward my request to this lawyer but have had no response
is there a way of contacting the lawyer direct ?
or does anyone know how i can find
lawyers name is AZIMA AZIZI
any suggestions will be gratefully received


A search on the Law Society of Kenya advocates search engine could not find an advocate with that name.  I used both names, then each of the names separately.  No luck I am afraid.

Thanks very much

Hi are you from.Nairobi apparently the HQ is at gigiri united nations avenue .  limru road , Nairobi
Any assistance would be gratefully received


No, sorry Iam not based in Nairobi and don't go there that often. In any case, security around the UN is very tight.  It's not the sort of place that you can just turn up with enquiries.

Thanks very much for reply


All advocates in Kenya have to be registered by the Law Society of Kenya so if he is a lawyer and a legitimate one for that matter, then you should be able to find him or her in the Law Society of Kenya website and search for him or her.

Though all Advocates have to be registered in the Law society website lawyers aren't registered there. the difference is that Advocates attend court and have attained the Diploma from the Kenya school of law while lawyers haven't and only have a degree in LLB from a recognized University. so if i understand you correctly he is a lawyer and not an advocate. if so then you have to physically look for him or hire a detective to do so. Kindly be well informed.

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