looking for trustworthy friends

Hi there, am terry from Nairobi Kenya looking for new friends to chat with and be loyal to...,
if you need someone to talk hit me


I am sanjay
Would like to make a friend.
Lets start talking


hi, i am open to new acquaintances.

Lets keep the conversation going.

Hi we can be friend . I am from india but now working in Nairobi.

hi how r u

you let me your no so that we can talk

Hi, I'm Arnold, I would like to make new friends too.

hi terry pl give your no so that we can talk

Trust worthy friends? This should be easy!

Open to meeting new people and see how it goes :)

Hi, am Mercy from Nairobi Kenya. I would like to make new friends. Anyone!

Perhaps interested people could arrange or join a forum meetup.
Coffee shops are bars seem pretty popular places for such an event.

Feel free to work one out.

I am open to making friends an  in Karen area

What about a whatsapp group if you all on whatsapp....

Hi guys, you should just propose an event in town through the events in Nairobi page, and I'll send an invite to all our members in Nairobi :)

take care


Hey guys, im Magdalena, im new in Nairobi and im interested in if there are events or activities you are organizing or you know when and where they are. Thank you so much :)

Hi Terrytess,  I am Jo.  Just arrived in Nairobi and would love to meet as looking for friends.

Yeah I totally agree, a whatsapp group would do!, inbox me your number

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Hey hey, I am also around karen, friends?

Hi Terry we can be friends.
From where are you and what do you work?


Am in Kilimani

Nice me too.


xxx is my number , I ll be in kenya in 2 days .

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Ready for friendship and willing to show you the real Nairobi

Hi there,
are you a Kenyan?

Hi am know the real Nairobi.

Hoping all is well with you! Best wishes

Hi. Looking for friends.

Hello everyone, I would be happy to find new friends here as well. :)

I am in kileleshwa area

Hope trust is earned overtime. You need to talk to someone and meet that person and see how they behave.

We can meet one of these days over coffee and chat about our experiences.

hi sanjay sorry for the late reply.thanks for the interest in making friends.u can reach me on xxx.are u in Nairobi .we can chat .

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hi vinod .sorry for the late reply .how are you good to hear from you.yes we can be friends and catch up.

hi sorry for the late reply how are u ? hope good.let's keep it on

Hi Terry.

Meet ups are always the best way to make new friends. Please organize an event or suggest an adventure that we can all join and get to know each other.

Hello can we be friends?

Hello Terrytess!

I trust you are well. Have a great day!


Hey guys,
Let's organize a meet up.

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