Bengali community

Hi all
Really great to see a sit like this which makes life easier. I am looking for a Bengali community if it is available over here and to be a part in different social and community activities.
Keeping in mind as its an quarter of festivals wishing all the members and there family to be blessed and be happy.
Durga puja somporke kono group thakle janio.

Sorry for a late reply but you can contact maharashtra mandal in Nairobi for bengoli people also.

Thanks  yes I got the opportunity to be in touch with them this year and had a wonderful time.

Good enjoy. :)

Hey by any chance are you a bong too

no no i am punju

Thats good i am from delhi to be very specific . so you are from here or same expat like me. and what do you do hope you dont mind me asking so much . hahah

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