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hey ya! i am geo, newly around here. i am happy that i have found this blog bcs i really hope you can help me learning arabics.
i work here but i can t keep up with them , anyone can recommend me an arabic course i can take not expensive of c., and not everyday.. pls pls
thank youuu

Welcome to Expat-blog, karunesh :)

Hope that members soon provide you with information about Arabic classes in Amman.


slt cf
yeah i can find for u who can learn u arabic
but  u have to amke af riends here to practise with them the langauge

slt bine ! :)
i apreciate for your intention of helping me. i have lots of friends whom to speak arabic, but they can t teach me... don t have time. s i am anxious to reccomend me something. thank youuu

I'm interested too, but first have to find apartment and set up my life here. I'm just 2 days here.


Well, I never heard of actual Arabic courses around, but you could always arrange for private lessons with any Arabic teacher who can speak English. There are tuns of schools around, and as far as I know, many teachers tutor to make some extra money on the side.

thx. but i came here almost 2 weeks ago, i don t know schools and streets i actually need a name school and an adress to give to the taxi driver, a teacher s name..something more exactly. :) but good idea with the school.. we are more girls, not just me... any opinion? thank you

Hi Karunesh,welcome to EB. If you can't find any private teacher or school yet, learning arabic online is the best alternative. visit this website, it will help you learn some basic arabic.  I like to visit most the arabic greetings and phrases. You can learn online faster and easy, plus it's free!

welcome sherri ;)


There are actually several places that give out actual real professional Arabic classes.

- Apparently very good classes at the French Cultural center
I think the Autumn session has started already though. Good luck

-Jordan university (part time)


Cheers and enjoy


thank you so much .!! this is great help!!

Karunesh, Sheetul, Leka, Welcome to Amman and to EB! My room mate is teaching Arabic to me and is willing to accept students in our home. It will be cheaper than language schools and the group(s) will be smaller. We live in Tabarbour area of Amman. If it is not convenient to come to Tabarbour we can meet in your flat or another place. Anyone interested?


helllo ...
\\I think the best way to learn language is from native teacher :)

at this time I'm free to give some lesson for non Arabic speakers.

u can call (SMS) me 0788662746



Hi jim,

Can you give me idea the approx cost pp if ex we are group of 2 or 3?

sorry i missed the link . her is the link below,

Berlitz in Shmesani has arabic courses for beginners and above. They are usually 3 times a week for an hour and a half for 2 months. it costs about 270 jds for the 1st level then cheaper after that. I took level 1 and it was a really good introduction and I can understand waaay more than before. their number is 065665393 , or google them.

pi2nay, he is charging 10 JD per lesson. His lessons tend to run 1 to 1.5 hours. He is very patient and a good teacher and native speaker of Arabic.

thank you very much. but it is very expensive. this means after 20 sessions i pay 200 jd and probably i wil know few words not even basic conversation. bcs everything is new even letters. but thank for information

I'm sorry you feel it is expensive. The average private tutor in Amman will take between 20-25 JD per hour. After 20 sessions (your example) you will know far more than "just a few words" because our teaching focuses on conversation. We do not teach you to read and write, but how to communicate with anyone  you will meet in the street or the shops. Learning to read and write is (in my opinion) very difficult, so we do not even approach it. I hope we will hear from you again. If you would care to see our method you would be welcome to come here when our other student is here and observe what we do. Of course, there would be no charge for that.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for reply. I agree with you, for me learn Arabic thru face to face conversation  is much easier. This will enable to communicate to people faster. For some maybe learning and writing should be taught first.

About your price, some native teachers I believe they are charging 6 JD per hr for private tutorial and also can come to house .

Anyway I have your number and will contact you soon when have chance.  BTW, do you have group of ladies only?

I heard that in French institute will start course of Arabic in January, and they charge you 3 JD per hour. Learning in the group for me is in the same way, good opportunity to meet more expatriates.


hi! i've been in Jordan for roughly 4 months. i'm working as a nurse for a private hospital. speaking Arabic is very important in my job.  most of the people i interact with do not speak or understand English at all and the i have to say the first two months were really very terrible for me. doctors and co-nurses spoke to me in Arabic and i used to get yelled at for walking away when they are telling me something in Arabic. but as time passed by i got used to some expressions and i'm now speaking basic conversation phrases (and i didn't have to pay any cent for lessons). still struggling now but reading then practicing will help us (expats) a lot to start speaking like Jordanians do.

shobaki :

helllo ...
\\I think the best way to learn language is from native teacher :)

at this time I'm free to give some lesson for non Arabic speakers.

u can call (SMS) me 0788662746



Ana b7ib al 3arabi ----li ino, al logha nafsu, ktheeer 7elu...wa bijenin...(Sorry no Arabic Keyboard here :) ).

Al Loghat-al 3arabi romatiki--wa heya al logha mutta3qed jidden....wa hiya al logha al asaasi bayna ana wa Zoji Fouad.......


I can help you in that , you can contact me @ gatesnet[at]


I will be in Amman for two weeks, possibly longer (potentially two months) and am looking for a reasonably-priced tutor in MSA for 3 hours per day one-on-one.

I would also either like to rent a cheap apartment or a room in an apartment.

I have studied Arabic previously in Yemen for three months but have forgotten a lot.



Hi and welcome on the forum Martin :)

I would suggest you to post an advert in the classes> language classes of Amman classifieds and to have a look also at the accommodation section. You can post a free advert in the "flat for rent" section ;)

Good luck

i might be late for this! ok there is a very good school in Medinat riyadiya it is called Qasid, the teach MSA 5 levels, quranic arabic, and Amiyya. The problem is that it is super expensive, less expensive in the summer. it is a 4 hour class, 5 times a week, 2 teachers. 2.5 mo in summer, adn i think its 4 months in the regular sessions. i am thinking their fees might be around 1500 USD . It is a good school. What you can do is go there and ask if you can leave your information and maybe they can help you find a student from Qasid teach you and you can make friends just by talking to them and get lessons for free from students that know the material, plus you can get to speak with them and learn along ... I hear Uni of JOrdan is way cheaper, but if you want to save some money go check out their classes and meet people there. Native speaks can not teach you unless they know grammar. NOw if you want to leanr just spoken A native is your best choice

Jordan University is a good place to learn.

Also, a great book for learning is "Beginning Modern Standard Arabic". It should be available at the Jordan University book store. I was born in the USA and didn't speak a word 10 years ago and used this book as well as several trips to Jordan and Palestine to learn.

Of course, having Arabic speaking friends is ultimately the best thing for practicing. :))))))))))))

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Dear all, I think Jordan needs advance Arabic language instructors, from my past experience as Arabic language instructor and language tester in the US, I noticed that here in  Jordan most instructors don't understand  why you are learning Arabic…  most of the cases you are not learning for fun you could be preparing yourself for the FSI or DLPT5 exam, therefore the curricula should be custom design for your exact purpose, ……… please don't spend your money on group classes language should be tailored toward your need only, therefore go with private instructors..for me I only prepare students for the FSI or DLPT5 exames

I  can  help  you  in arabic  learning
I  am  very  interested  in  cultural  and  language  exchanges
I  am  very  friendly

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