Assalam Aleikom.. my friend wants to come to Jordan with me but she is learning Turkish now, and we are wondering if there are any Turkish classes available in Amman? Thanks so much and have a great day


I’m not sure if the Jordanian University may offer courses... but I am sure that in Yarmouk University in Irbid (70km north Amman) offer such courses.

Hello michellecandy24,

You can also post an ad in the Language classes in Amman section for your search.

Shaazia Team

If you wanna learn Turkish, Istanbul is less than 2 hours flight.

I will ask around and let you know about it

Of course there are Turkish language courses at the Turkish Cultural Center in Jabal Amman between 3rd and 4th traffic circle. U can google their website :)

Thank you all! Salam :)

If you wanna learn Turkish, Istanbul is less than 2 hours flight.

I am sure that  Yarmouk university offers tuekish courses, if you are interested pm me, so i can arrange it to you as guest or visitor...
I think it is nearer than istanbul..

Hos Geldiniz. .
sure there is the Turkish Culture Centre
and it's the best. .
Ahmad Faidi

Turkish Culture Centre

The Turkish Culture Centre ...  Its called Yunus Emre Centre..  prices are affordable and they have different levels...    If you have difficulty getting the number - its operated by the Turkish Embassy so they can give you the number..  Good luck

What's the # of the Turkish Embassy ?

aw.dajani :

What's the # of the Turkish Embassy ?

A google search will give you the answer.

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