Are people looking for a good friend near Oslo? Contact Me..^^

Hi everyone...(Xin chào mọi người => Vietnamese). :)

Quynh is my name, im Vietnamese. Im going to Norway in the coming September. I will work as Au pair at here. i really dont know much information about my place where i will come and stay. Besides, i also seek for a free course at any university according to Marketing or Restaurant. In Addition, i need have a lot of friends at here. May be Im a new comer but i can share interesting stories about my country or my journey. it would be great when i can talk them with everyone.Morever, i desire traveling, join in charities or any outdoor activities. People can ask me to train how to cook and have a Vietnamese food recipe or How to learn Vietnamese or even How diffirent between Vietnamese and Norwegian?

I think its not enough to know all when i only stay at here during 2 years, so i wish i can seek for a good job and continue staying in your beautiful country. That is not a big ambition? i think i can do that.

Im trying to learn Norwegian, searching for Norwegian culture and so on. Because my target can adapt in new enviroment and have friendships.

Hope i will receive good feedbacks ...Anyone have helpful information , let give me know about them. ;)


Hello Quynh

I live in Oslo and has been to Vietnam 6 years ago.   Could be nice to learn more from your country.   Send me a message


Hi, Geir!

Nice to meet u!^^ :)

Hello Ajanta!

Where do u live in Norway?

Hi there

When in September will you arrive in Hakkadal...I still not have new computer and will go on holiday in France in September...  Im working on get my own SKYPE...


hi. where are you now? you want to know?


Im near Bislett stadion in Oslo


oh, sorry. I'm in Romania now.

what do you ? how old are you ?
Search job in the medical field. and it's hard.

Hi Heyda

Are you from Mongolia
How long in Romania


I'm Romania lady:)

I'm Romanian lady

Hi there


Im not in medical Job--sorry

Hi all,

Maybe you guys should know and understand that the Forum is not a chat room and if you do want to chat just do it in private please.

You can share information or talk about your experiences or even organize a meeting but avoid multiple posting (Chat talk) on a thread :)

Thank you



Will do


Nice to find fellow Vietnamese here. I'm living in Gjøvik, about 2 hours of train from Oslo. Have you arrived in Oslo yet? PM  me if you wanna meet sometimes to talk. :))

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