MVV BASISINBURGERING EXAM exam..looking for tips to pass

Basyang :

U are very much welcome. If u have more questions on ur mind, dont hesitate to ask.
Veel succes met onze mvv visa.

"onze" !!!!  Don't say that in your exam; "je" is more appropriate ............ (joke) - best of luck all of you. :)

Onze refers to 'our" right cynic?
Since i am patiently waiting for my mvv visa en he as well so i just used the word onze instead of je. But anyway, thanks for ur comment. 😊😊

Basyang :

Onze refers to 'our" right cynic?
Since i am patiently waiting for my mvv visa en he as well so i just used the word onze instead of je. But anyway, thanks for ur comment. 😊😊

No problem; you are correct that "onze" is "our"; anyway, I'm not a good example, my wife tells me I speak Dutch like a native (of Istanbul). :)

Hi everyone. I took my exam last week. But only two parts of exam (KNS en leesvaardigheid) and now im studying for the spreekvaardigheid. I'm now focusing for the speaking part. Any tips for passing it? Aanvulzinnen is a little hard for me.

As my experienced about the inburgering exam is not too difficult en not too easy. I took the 3 exam in a day. U dont need to feel nervous when answering the question in speaking exam. Just study the naar nederland book,  practice as often if u have time en most importantly, be calm on the day of examination. Really its not that diffiult. By the way why u did not take all the 3 exams in one day... 😊😊

Thank you. 😊 I did not take it all in one time because I was so nervous to do the speaking. And i just saw that they've put the questions for speaking just few days before i will register. So i was too nervous to do it all knowing that my speaking skills is not that good. And im studying it all alone.

Hi.. you do not have to worry too much. It does not as difficult as it seems. All of us experiencing the same. Just try to be calm, say the answer clearly. You do not have to rush. If you want to know how it looks like on your Spreekvaardigheid exam, I can send you the examples of the questions. Maybe it can help you to be more prepare. Just email me : xxx
Veel success!!

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I only gave short and easy answers to their questions. If you speak clearly and check back your answers to make sure then i think you will be fine. I did it and received a 10, so will you 😊. Good luck!
P/s: i think its great if you learn vocabulary about name of food, adjectives to describe feeling/thing, time, and places.

Thank you. 😊

Ive been waiting for my civic integration exam for 7 weeks now. Ive read some took only 4-6 weeks average of waiting time and passed it.

Does it mean that the longer it takes for them to assess the exam, the more chances it will not pass the passing rate because of longer assesment?

hi you absolutely not , it is just procedure  they they following it regardless how hard it will be .
any way assure that exam is easy , just need you to focus on questions and answer so easy if you ready carefully the question . don't get panic , trust yourself and it will be great !

Hi everyone just done my exam last 2 days ago and I'm very positive that i passed it even though I'm bloody nervous during the exam i did manage to answer all the question😊😁 i just want to thanks all the member of this forum for their tips and advises, really helped me a lot😊 For those who's planning to take their exam don't be nervous cause the exam is not that difficult than we thought, just be confident in answering all the question and you will be good😉

Good luck to all who's planning to take the exam😊 You can do it guys veel succes👍🏻


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